HOROSCOPES: Self-reflection and honest communication. The week ahead, according to your star sign.


Natasha Weber is an astrology genius and has predicted our horoscopes for the week beginning June 7. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

weekly horoscope aries

Just come out with it, Aries! Open your mouth and let the words flow. Bottling up your emotions will do you no good, and you’ll miss out on a precious chance to be heard. Soon, Mercury will step backwards into retrograde, so take advantage of a quiet moment. Talk about what’s on your mind and in your heart. You won’t regret speaking up, but you’ll kick yourself if you stay silent.

weekly horoscope

Turning down a helping hand is unadvisable. Your stars are sparkling in your professional arena provided you grab an opportunity that’s being handed to you on a silver platter. There’s no room for pride this week. Just be grateful and say thank you. You’re one of the most hardworking signs of the zodiac, Taurus - you deserve this break!


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Meet a professional obstacle head-on when Mars clashes with Le Soleil in your sign. If it’s a fight your competitor wants, then you’ve got what it takes to walk away with the prize. Your reward won’t just fall into your lap. You’ll have to work for it. Still, the sense of pride and achievement you’ll feel once you’ve won the deal will be worth the sacrifice.

cancer horoscope

There’s only one person’s opinion that really matters - yours! Don’t bend over backwards to please everyone if what’s being asked of you is out of sync with your values. Instead, stay true to what you believe in, Cancer. In time, the people that count will come around to your way of thinking. But until then, dance to the beat of your own drum.

leo horoscope

Relationships are our greatest teachers because they act as a mirror, reflecting back our deepest beliefs. When La Luna highlights affairs of the heart, you’ll be full of questions. Now is the perfect time to reassess your emotional needs. If they’re not being met, Venus’ retrograde gives you a rare chance to do something about it. Happy couples plan a celebration this week.

VIRGO horoscope

Mercury, your planetary ruler, is grinding to a halt in preparation for its retrograde period. Before the communication planet steps back, address an issue that’s bugging you. What’s been getting under your skin? Right now it’s just an annoying tickle, but leave it any longer and the issue could develop into a full-blown rash. Speak up and get it off your chest.

LIBRA horoscope

Singles find themselves in a love-verses-lifestyle quandary. Let’s face it, you appreciate the finer things in life, but you’re also a hopeless romantic. Now that Venus is in retrograde, you must make a choice. There’s a tug of war going on between your head and heart, but in the end, you’ll make the right decision. Other Librans make a financial sacrifice for all the right reasons.

SCORPIO horoscope

Your money zone copped a beating thanks to last week’s eclipse. What can you do with what you’ve learnt? You’ve survived this challenge, and now it’s time to put your wisdom to good use. Dust yourself off and get to work! Financial decluttering is a great place to start. Take another look at your savings plan - it may be time to restructure.


Breathing a little easier? You should be. Last week’s eclipse tested you to the max. But this week gives you the chance to catch up. Don’t stress over someone leaving your life. Either the choice is out of your hands, so worrying won’t help. Or, they were no longer serving your best interests. And if that’s the case, you’re better off without them.

CAPRICORN horoscope

Escape a relationship rut by having an honest conversation - with yourself. Mercury’s slower pace grants a love epiphany this week, but it won’t come to you if you’re lying to yourself. Stand firm in what you believe you deserve. Your instincts are on point. Trust in them and most importantly, trust in yourself.

AQUARIUS horoscope

Venus and healing asteroid Chiron, embrace on Thursday, bringing a beautiful interaction with a calming influence. Either someone from your past returns. Or, someone meant for your future steps into your life when you need them most. Make time for them even if you’re time-poor or overstretched this week. This connection will elevate your spirits.

Week horoscopes pisces

The danger in being such a compassionate soul is that you can take on all the woes of the world. This week, as the Sun dances with Neptune, try to do the exact opposite. Guard your energy. Protect your beliefs. Provided you are doing no harm and living your life with integrity, it’s all good. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for the choices that you make.

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