HOROSCOPES: Relationship hurdles and communication hiccups. The week ahead, according to your star sign.

Natasha Weber is an astrology genius and has predicted our horoscopes for the week beginning June 14. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Some surprising news reaches you by midweek, and how you react is crucial. Rather than allowing your emotions to take the wheel, approach the situation with cool logic. The Sun, Pluto and Jupiter intend to test you, but if you act calmly, you’ll outsmart them. You’ve got this provided you stay a step ahead of the game.


Grow your wealth with help from an advisor, consultant or specialist. Sure, you’re capable of pulling yourself out of a financial rut – money management is one of your talents, after all. However, unless it’s your area of expertise, you'll benefit from seeking professional advice. They could point out something you would have otherwise missed. 

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You’re desperate to speak out on a subject that means a lot to you. Yet, while you’re an articulate creature, this week could see you trip on your words. Try not to let that stop you, though. What’s most important is not how you verbalise your thoughts but that you get things off your chest. It doesn’t have to sound pretty, Gemini.


Trickster Mercury is at it again, but this time, the communication planet is retrograding through your sign. While you may experience a few minor hiccups, these are easily rectified. Before Thursday, make sure you back up your computer and your phone. Significant negotiations, legal matters or conversations are best left alone this week.

This week offers a period of self-reflection as Mercury reverses in your subconscious zone. Rather than panic about the usual trivialities that Mercury's retrograde can bring, use the cosmic rewind to your advantage. Ask yourself some hard questions. You’ll emerge with a better understanding of what you want and where it is you want to go.


Relationships test you this week. For starters, Mercury is sliding backwards in your friendship zone, suggesting that a bestie inventory is due. Secondly, Mars and Neptune’s clash creates an undermining influence in your partnership sphere. There's a third party trying to cause trouble. Bite your tongue, if you can. They'll get bored without a reaction.


The Sun, Jupiter and Pluto inspire a household change, which isn’t about renovating or redecorating – it’s more about family dynamics. The mega planets want you to take control, even if it means exercising tough love. Whether you live with a flat mate, your partner or children now is the time to enforce sensible boundaries.

Sort out troublesome tech issues before Mercury goes retrograde on Thursday. If you’ve meant to send an important email, book travel or fix broken machinery, do that too. By week’s end, what’s not taken care of is best left until Mercury is back in full swing. In the meantime, do anything that begins with ‘re’ – redo, review or reassess.


Beating yourself up over not achieving during lockdown? As life picks up pace, Mercury’s retrograde turns up the guilt, leaving you wondering why you weren’t more productive. Yet chances are, you did more than most. Cut yourself some slack and know you did the best you possibly could. Yes, you’re a go-getter, Saggie, but you’re only human too. 

Mercury’s reversal in your relationship zone either causes a misunderstanding or brings you closer together with your sweetheart. Achieve the latter by communicating in a gentle, nurturing manner – your partner will be more responsive that way. Singles decide to prioritise themselves. Put yourself first, and you'll find someone that does the same.


Serious retail therapy is on the agenda when Mars dances with Neptune. The indulgence burns a hole in your pocket, but what the hell, you only live once! Provided you don’t go too crazy at the shops, go ahead and reward yourself. The boost to your confidence will be worth the expense; not to mention that you’ll be the envy of all your friends. 

Mars and Jupiter make beautiful music for Fish this week. Relationships breathe a little easier, and communication flows more smoothly. Strange, because Mercury’s retrograde usually creates the opposite effect. Still, this time, the cosmos is working in your favour. All you have to do is be true to who you are. In other words, just be yourself.

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