HOROSCOPES: How Sunday’s lunar eclipse will affect your week, according to your star sign.

Natasha Weber is an astrology genius and has predicted our horoscopes for the week beginning July 5. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

The last of three eclipses triggers your professional sector. Entrepreneurial Rams shine but don’t be concerned if you’re not making big bucks just yet. Think of your business goals as a step-by-step process, with this eclipse planting the first seeds of success. An eclipse can be shady, so make sure all deals and negotiations are transparent.


As the Sun lights up your home sphere, you're motivated to spruce up your living space. This week, the details count. Tactile cushions, a cosy throw or new plush towels make you feel oh so pampered. You do adore your little luxuries, so indulge without guilt. You’ll be surprised at how much the small stuff matters.

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Sunday’s eclipse brings the type of lasting transformation that can only begin within. For Twins, this means stepping up - big time. Wave goodbye to Peter Pan; it’s time to grow up. Responsibility is knocking, and now, you must answer. Although a little scary, there's a big opportunity for you. Be brave, believe in yourself and dive in.


No sign loves to love like you do, Cancer. You give your heart on a silver platter, asking for nothing in return. The trouble is, few others can match your generous outpouring of devotion. In fact, some are downright uncomfortable with it. This week, before baring your soul, consider if the feeling is mutual. This goes for friendships too.

Mercury’s reversal offers valuable insight into how you tick, Leo. This week, before Mercury abandons it's retrograde, you’ll realise something about yourself. What you learn has to do with accepting your feelings. In doing so, you acknowledge the part of you that's angry, hurt, jealous, or betrayed. Then, like magic, you're finally free to move on.


Mercury continues to rewind through your sector of hopes and wishes, giving you a second chance at pursuing a long-held dream. You’re so lucky, Virgo! You get another shot. Muster up all your courage because putting yourself out there again isn’t easy. Still, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by giving it all you’ve got, one last time. 

Home is where the heart is. So, the question is, where is your home? It isn’t a place with four walls. Home is where you feel most at ease, comfortable to be yourself and let your hair down. Consider this Libra; home can be a person too. By week’s end, La Luna opens your eyes to a relationship solution. Whether it be platonic or romantic, your answer lies in finding your way back home.


Married Scorpios cop some heat from their in-laws when a touchy subject arises. The best way to navigate through this minefield is to agree to disagree. Don’t see it as giving in (you’d hate that!). Instead, see it as being respectful. Singles run the risk of alienating someone close. When you’re tempted to speak harshly or off-the-cuff; don’t!


Your money zone is under the microscope, thanks to Sunday’s full moon eclipse. You can make this work for you if you’re prepared to step out of your comfort zone. While this isn’t about rebooting your budget or combing through tax records, it is about adjusting your attitude according to your self-worth. Fix that, and the dollars will take care of themselves.

It’s all eyes on you when the final eclipse out of three occurs in your sign, Capricorn. Think about making a change to your appearance that begins from the inside out. Your looks should reflect the authentic, beautiful you. Now would be a great time to get that tattoo you’ve been contemplating. What unique design would you adorn your body with?


The Sun blesses your closest relationship, either with a lover or a bestie. Approach this person with warmth and openness and leave judgement to the unevolved. Your unique way of looking at things helps this person out of a bind. This week, it’s not about you, Aquarius. Nevertheless, what you can do for someone special ends up filling your own heart to the brim.

Home and family is where it’s at, for Fish. With Venus back to her old self again, you have an insatiable urge to nest. Domestic goddesses eat your heart out! Baking bread, cooking up a storm and redecorating are high on your agenda this week. Enjoy the fruits of your labour and invite some fabulous friends over for a great night in!

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