HOROSCOPES: Intimate encounters and a well-deserved break. The week ahead according to your star sign.

Natasha Weber is an astrology genius and has predicted our horoscopes for the week beginning January 17. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Reevaluate your self-worth, Aries. Once you do, you’ll be surprised at how others follow your lead. Self-confidence isn’t usually a challenge for you. Still, you’re only human, and lately, self-doubt has crept in through the cracks. On Thursday, Mars' wink to rebellious Uranus reminds you of the Queen you are. Rise up and take your place.


This week starts off on shaky ground. There’s an underlying sense of uncertainty that you can’t put your finger on, but something feels off. La Luna is causing you to feel extra sensitive, yet what you’re picking up may not be your burden to bear. You don’t need to understand why. By week’s end, your anxiety eases as troubles seem like a thing of the past.

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Travel is on your mind, even if you’re stuck in lockdown. This week, a trip may be put on the back burner, causing you a ton of frustration. Twins weighing up whether they should stay or go will have their minds made up for them. Don’t unpack your bags yet, though! Chances are your itinerary resumes sooner than expected.


Your intimacy zone is getting a planetary workout! Change something about your sex life that isn’t quite hitting the mark (or your g-spot!) Set aside shyness to explore a hidden fantasy. On Saturday, Mars link with Jupiter unveils your desires in a way that feels natural, without embarrassment. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself, though.

On Wednesday, the Sun warms up your relationship zone. Expect frosty interactions to melt away, as a partnership problem becomes a thing of the past. This bodes well for couples that haven’t seen eye-to-eye lately. Your partner’s point of view becomes clearer, and vice versa. Still can’t understand where they’re coming from? Try to see the situation through their eyes.  


Put a health concern behind you when Jupiter’s nod to Uranus refreshes your wellbeing zone. This planetary duo’s rare alignment blasts away an ailment that had you feeling less than your best. As the week progresses, you’ll get your mojo back, but don’t leave the planets to do all the work. Do your bit by maintaining a healthy diet that’s brimming with nutrients.


The Sun injects a healthy dose of romance into your week. Couples plan a romantic night in, on Wednesday. Netflix and chill anyone? Singles on the dating scene, meet their perfect online match. Ensure your profile portrays your best qualities and that your photos are crisp. Attract the right type with a picture that shows off your natural beauty.

Mega planets Jupiter and Uranus' rare connection inspires a sigh of relief. You'll find yourself saying "thank god that’s over!" by week’s end. Celebrate before beginning a brand new phase. Enjoy this period of rest and recuperation because you’ll be putting your nose to the grindstone, soon enough. You deserve this break, Scorpio.


Attend a community event, connect with neighbours or a long lost relative. You’ll be surprised at how buoyed you feel by the interaction. Plus, there’s an added bonus when this person lends a helping hand or offers a glowing recommendation. Be nice to everyone you meet - they may hold the key to your success.

Turn a passion pastime into a side hustle, Capricorn. You’re the most ambitious sign of the zodiac, and this week, you’re on a mission to succeed. Mars nod to Jupiter motivates you to shine bright, but be careful not to burn out. Pace yourself by carefully scheduling your route to the top. Have a well-thought-out plan up your sleeve.


Happy solar return Aquarius! From Wednesday, the Sun illuminates your sign. This birthday throws you into the spotlight like no other. Now’s not the time to be shy. Change is brewing, so think carefully about what you want to manifest. Rather than dwell on your fears, focus on your hopes and wishes for the upcoming year.

La Luna motivates you to clean up your finances. Do what you must to cut out unnecessary expenses, even if it means culling credit cards. Once you’re on top of things, you’ll attract abundance because you won’t be focused on your financial woes. Doing that creates more of the same. Instead, think “I’m a money magnet” and watch your money tree grow.

A self-confessed astrology nerd, Natasha’s horoscopes, research and articles have been published in Today’s Astrologer, in addition to international publications across the globe. A senior member of the Australian Academy of Astrology and Cosmobiology and a member of the American Federation of Astrologers, she has presented cosmic updates for Your Life Naturally and has appeared as a special guest on podcasts, including Sivana and Healthy-ish.

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