HOROSCOPES: A relationship rebellion and a new chapter. The week ahead according to your star sign.

Natasha Weber is an astrology genius and has predicted our horoscopes for the week beginning January 12. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

weekly horoscope aries

Whether you realise it or not, healing has begun. Together, Mercury and the wisdom asteroid Chiron, are in your corner. If there are tears to be shed, open the floodgates and let them flow. If an apology is necessary, open your mouth to speak the words or open your ears to hear them from someone close. Most of all, open your heart; it will guide you towards a new chapter.

weekly horoscope

Support can be found amongst your girl gang this week when Venus enters your social sphere. Either a female bestie offers a caring shoulder to cry on, or you will be called upon to help carry a burden. If this is the case, put your judgement aside. When the dust settles, you can express your concerns. But for now, just be there.


Compelled to make a drastic change? Mercury’s alignment with powerful Pluto wants to whip your finances into shape. But, you’re not sure where to begin. Although many of your efforts have been met with roadblocks, there is a way through. The key lies in valuing your self-worth. Walk away from what doesn’t rightly reward you. Yep, it’s that simple!

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cancer horoscope

A relationship rebellion is on the horizon. The highly speculated clash between Pluto and Saturn occurs in your partnership zone, creating change. The question is, what type of transformation do you desire? Rather than working against you, turn things around to work in your favour. How? Stand your ground. Push back against a bully, even if it means abandoning your usual gentle nature.

leo horoscope

Mercury steps into your relationship sphere on Friday, prompting you to make a big decision. Coupled up Lions make a mutually beneficial choice. While singles are an attractive, romantic option to someone they already consider a friend. It’s said that true love is friendship set on fire, so why not give it a shot, Leo? Yes, you could jeopardise the friendship. And yet, you could gain lasting love, too.

VIRGO horoscope

You’re caught at a crossroad, unable to decide between option A or B. Which way guarantees happiness, love and security? On Monday, the fog clears, leaving you more confident about your choice. Still, you’re nervous. One word of advice; that thing or person that keeps popping into your head – don’t ignore that.

LIBRA horoscope

From Tuesday, Venus sweetens your daily routine. What you do consistently can bring vast improvements not only to your work but also to your overall wellbeing. It’s a good idea to merge the two; if what you do every day (which probably includes your job) gives you satisfaction, your health stands to benefit, too.

SCORPIO horoscope

It’s a fertile time for your creative talents, thanks to Venus blossoming in your artistic arena. Anything you start this week has the potential to bear fruit down the track. Lacking confidence in your abilities? Most do. But often, the thing that separates success from failure is the willingness to put yourself out there and give it your best shot.


Your household is in focus, as Venus visits your home zone. Minor adjustments and repairs that have been put on the back burner can now be struck off your to-do list. Archers starting a major renovation have luck on their side. A discussion amongst family members may be misinterpreted, so say precisely what you mean.

CAPRICORN horoscope

This week is of colossal significance to Goats. Influential Pluto and strict Saturn combine their formidable forces in your sign, Capricorn. While the effect of this meet-up is more of a journey than a destination, you should be getting a clear picture of what your purpose is in 2020 by now. Resist the urge to choose something just because it’s the most comfortable option.

AQUARIUS horoscope

You begin the week feeling frustrated over a money matter. However, by week’s end, clever Mercury reveals a solution. When it comes to thinking outside the box and coming up with unorthodox answers, you’re the master. Rely on your natural gifts, Aquarius. You’ve got this! Others may scoff at your suggestion, but it will work.

Week horoscopes pisces

Venus gets your glow on when the planet of beauty enters your sign on Tuesday. Bored with your look? Redefine your style to suit your inner gorgeousness. Draw inspiration from how you feel about yourself rather than what you think you should look like. This week, Venus is your personal stylist. So why not try something radical or a little bit different?

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