HOROSCOPES: A "love transformation" and seriously unexpected news. The week ahead according to your star sign.

Natasha Weber is an astrology genius and has predicted our horoscopes for the week beginning February 7. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

L’amour is on the agenda, when love planet, Venus, embraces Jupiter. This cosmic duo graces your friendship zone, highlighting a platonic connection with the potential to develop into something more. Single Rams discover passion within their inner circle, while couples celebrate a special milestone in style. Expect to share a beautiful, tender moment.


When Venus clashes with electric Uranus, Bulls receive unexpected news concerning their sweetheart or a female friend. It’s nothing you can’t handle, but you mustn’t jump to conclusions. Your best bet is to remain logical rather than emotionally reactive. At this stage, you may not have the full story. Wait it out, Taurus.

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This week, people are surprisingly helpful, thanks to Mercury’s kiss with the Moon’s Node. And one particular person goes out of their way to lend you a helping hand. They may give you a glowing professional recommendation or do some behind-the-scenes work for you. If you’re feeling stuck, all you have to do is reach out and ask.


Friday’s new moon spotlights wealth creation, particularly shared funds or assets. Be open to a snippet of information that lands in your lap or is said to you - that could be a game-changer! Mercury’s retrograde makes this a great week to research new and improved financing options. There’s greater financial freedom available to you, Cancer.

Lionesses welcome a new relationship chapter that refreshes your bond in a positive and uplifting way. Speak up about your needs, Leo. Doing that will help your partner meet you halfway. Singles meet someone gorgeous by week’s end. This person has the gift of the gab, so be ready for witty banter and connected conversation.


A flash of inspiration strikes when Mercury dances with the Moon’s Node in your career sector. A detail may have been previously missed (very unlike you, Virgo), but once realised, you’ll take a giant leap forward. This week, everything you need to become successful is available to you. Still, you do need to make the effort.

You’re full of great ideas thanks to the new moon in your creative sector. An abundance of inspiration hits you like a ton of bricks! Don’t allow this week to slide past without putting your thoughts into action. It's time to manifest. What dreams do you believe, deep down, you'll never achieve? Change your narrative, Libra, knowing that your goals are now reachable.


Friday’s new moon focuses on family. Perhaps you’ve been spending too much or too little time at home? Whatever the case, it’s crucial that you prioritise your own needs, as ruthless as that sounds. If you’re a happy little Scorpio, your loved ones will be too. Putting the needs of others ahead of your own may seem noble but doesn’t end well for anyone.


Once again, the Universe demands that you reassess your worth. This could be in a professional or personal sense, but each affects the other in the end. Is what you bring to the table valuable? Then, what’s holding you back from demanding appropriate remuneration? Consider asking your boss for a pay rise. On a personal note, accept nothing but respectful treatment.

Mercury’s retrograde clashes with feisty Mars, causing a potential verbal battle. You don’t want to say anything you’ll later regret, so choose your words wisely. That said, something that’s been weighing on you needs to be aired. By all means, get things off your chest. Just think through your conversation before it spews out of your mouth.


You’re on the precipice of a love transformation. On Friday, the new moon in your sign pushes for positive change. Work this to your advantage by being crystal clear on what you desire from a relationship. Do you want more passion? Or, greater security? What you want is yours for taking provided you believe you really deserve it. Do you?

Money matters are on the up and up, as your cash zone receives a cosmic boost from Venus, Jupiter and Friday’s new moon. Use the positive momentum to clean up your financial act. Get rid of direct debits that you don’t use and comb through statements. Non-essential expenses could be weighing you down more than you realise.

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