HOROSCOPES: Sexual cravings and a "special milestone". The week ahead according to your star sign.

Natasha Weber is an astrology genius and has predicted our horoscopes for the week beginning February 28. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

You pour your heart and soul into helping others this week. Perhaps you even reach a large group of people in need. Donate to your favourite charity by volunteering your time, used goods or clothes. Venus inspires you to spring clean your wardrobe, so pass on anything you don’t want. Remember that one person’s trash is another’s treasure. 


Money has your undivided attention, thanks to Mars' move into your cash zone. At first, the red planet stresses you out when you can’t see how you can afford everything on your wish list. Yet, after a second look, your financial landscape is in better condition than you thought. Don’t make hasty decisions when it comes to debts and loans, though.

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You’re the master communicator, Gemini. You're in your element when introducing people, playing Cupid or making new friends. This week, your networking skills are on fire! It's also a super positive time for small businesses to expand, connecting with as many clients as possible. Amongst the crowd lies valuable support and a potentially lucrative collaboration.  


Now is a beautiful time to explore your spirituality. Perhaps you learn to meditate or discover a new holistic practice. It’s okay to question your faith because as you evolve and change, so do your beliefs. Are you living in accordance with them? On Thursday, Mars helps you nurture your inner being. Tune inwards to find your rainbow, Cancer.

Venus and Uranus' seduction gives you the perfect sensory orgasm. But, you desire more eroticism than vanilla sex. Explore lavish textures, delicious tastes and erogenous touch in the bedroom. The same goes for singles. You don't need a partner to arouse your senses. In fact, this week, Lionesses love a little solitude.


Mars injects your career with a shot of motivation. Dragging your feet on a work project? Feeling sluggish on the job? That’ll all change when the red planet catapults into your professional sector. You don’t have to go it alone either. A colleague or mentor gives you the inspiration you need to reclaim your #bossbabe status from Thursday.


On Monday, La Luna enters your sign, stirring up emotions. Don’t be surprised if you burst into tears at the tiniest mention of anything sentimental. As the Moon goes through phases, so too do you, Libra. Release pent up anger, frustration or sadness, because this week is all about healing your heart.

Many Scorpios contemplate a financial merger, whether applying for a loan, investing or entering into a business partnership. If you’ve recently become engaged or married, you’ll be discussing money and who’s responsible for personal expenses. Mars encourages all of the above, provided you’re not bullied into making commitments that feel off. Listen to your gut.


This week, you need to take a breather, Saggie. When the Moon illuminates your rest zone, it’s crucial to prioritise downtime, despite your deadlines. This may cause some inner conflict because it’s not always possible to switch off, right? Still, try to find the sweet spot between running yourself ragged and taking a long-term holiday.

You know that overwhelming feeling of trying to squeeze a million things into a mere twenty-four hours? Well, that’s what the cosmos has signed you up for this week. Still, your productivity is off the charts thanks to action-oriented Mars. Tick off your to-do list, Capricorn. By week’s end, you’ll be patting yourself on the back and celebrating a special milestone.


Health-wise, you’re full of sparkle, Aquarius. It’s nice to know that the stars are not continually testing you; sometimes, they're on your side. And, this is one of those times. How should you best use this extra oomph? Aim to smash a goal that’s in the back of your mind. Up until now, you haven’t been able to face it. It’s time to confront and conquer the issue.

It’s a great week to follow a radical dream or unusual idea. You’re the ultimate dreamer, Pisces, and as such, you can imagine things others can’t. Trust your vision. Ignore the naysayers. Unsure? Venus' link with Uranus suggests you go it alone first. Thoughts are fragile, so it’s best to manifest them before anyone can tear them down.

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