HOROSCOPES: Friendship breakups and sexual cravings. The week ahead, according to your star sign.

Natasha Weber is an astrology genius and has predicted our horoscopes for the week beginning August 16. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

On Wednesday, La Luna begins a brand new phase in your love zone. A relationship that’s hit a low note has a good chance of revival, but only if it’s in your best interests. The trouble is, what you want and what you need are not always aligned. Destiny steps in by week’s end, so you might as well surrender. Romantically speaking, you’re on a path whether you know it or not.


From Sunday, unpredictable Uranus begins its retrograde through your sign, Taurus. This potent cosmic shift has you feeling like someone’s pulled the rug out from under you. Although unnerving, you’ve been here before. But this time, you needn’t be caught off guard. Learn from past mistakes and use the disruption as a second chance.

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The Sun and Mercury collide in your communication sphere, bestowing you with a high degree of influence. Your message is super powerful, so wield your magic to your best advantage. What would you love to say to someone, but haven’t because you didn’t know how? Just open your mouth on Tuesday, and your words will flow as smooth as silk.


A friendship inventory is due when electric Uranus begins its retrograde. Suddenly, a friend opens your eyes to a cold hard truth. Although the realisation throws you off-kilter, in the end, you’ll do what must be done. Cull the deadwood, Cancer. This week, plant seeds for a fresh forest of friendships; one that’s more in line with your long-term goals.

La Luna begins a fresh cycle in your sign, Leo. Every new beginning promises uncharted territory that’s brimming with powerful potential, and this new Moon is no exception. You’ve been tested, that’s true. Hold out until mid-week when Le Solei and La Luna hold hands in your sign. This is when your star shines its brightest in 2020. The world is your oyster!


Nothing escapes you, thanks to clever Mercury stepping into your sign on Thursday. Someone’s trying to pull the wool over your eyes, but you’ll instantly uncover their agenda. The red-faced moment causes embarrassment to whoever’s not being honest with you. Still, calling them out isn't wise. For now, stay silent and keep the information up your sleeve.


Tick off a major project with the help of a partner. More than any other sign, you shine when teamed with a worthy ally. It’s not that you’re incapable of solo success - it’s more that two brilliant minds are better than one. Collaboration is critical, but there’s one catch. The partner you choose must be the right person for the job. Don’t settle for just anyone.

Uranus messes with your relationship zone, as the planet of uncertainty shifts gears. Anxious Scorpios are advised to address concerns rationally. As soon as emotions take over, you’ll lose control and say something you regret. Stay cool until you can express your point calmly. That way, a successful outcome is yours for taking.


Take a second look at a health issue, as Uranus rewinds through your wellbeing sector. Expel anxiety by adopting an unconventional approach or try an alternative means of rebooting energy levels. Even the most sceptical Archers benefit from giving an unusual health or fitness regime a shot. This week, pay particular attention to your digestive system.

Change looms ahead, but you’re unsure how you feel about it. On the one hand, you’re ready to embrace what this new phase has to offer. Lord knows you’ve wished on a star for greener pastures. Yet, on the other hand, stepping into the unknown is scary. Understand that what you’re feeling is normal and healthy. That said, it’s onwards and upwards from here.


A family member demands your attention this week. Uranus does an about-face in your home zone, upsetting the apple cart. But all will be well provided you don’t lose sight of your original goals. Stay true to your course, Aquarius. If you need to attend to a relative’s needs, do so without abandoning your own. It’s a tricky balance, but you’re a skilful tightrope walker.

You’re usually more of a Netflix and chill type of girl, but Wednesday’s new Moon turns up the heat. Don’t be shy about wanting to satisfy an unconventional sexual craving. Coupled up Fish create the perfect setting for intimacy at home - let your imagination run wild! Singles have to get creative, which leads to a more compatible outcome.

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