HOROSCOPES: Self love and a "sexy connection". The week ahead according to your star sign.

Natasha Weber is an astrology genius and has predicted our horoscopes for the week beginning April 4. For more from Natasha, follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Be careful Aries, pushing your agenda could backfire. Instead, put yourself in some else’s shoes. Sure, you're hurt and maybe angry too, but letting your walls down delivers a better outcome. Mercury and mega-asteroid Chiron inspire a blissful relationship, provided you open your heart. Compassion is key.


Think of yourself, Taurus. All give and no take isn’t okay. As one of the most generous signs of the zodiac, you're often taken for granted. Yet you can turn things around by reinforcing boundaries that benefit you. At first, others might think you’ve gone mad as you unashamedly spread self-love. Too bad for them. This week is all about you!

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An older relative or friend has a slice of wisdom to share. Are you listening? It’s easy to get lost in life’s fast pace but do yourself a favour and stop for a second, Gemini. Take the advice on board. If you’re smart, you’ll do more than that - you’ll implement it. In this case, age is the voice of reason. And that’s something you could use right now.


A bossy female gets more than she bargained for when you strike back! Your usual gentle disposition finds its grit when Mercury makes its move at the start of the week. You’re fed up with being pushed around, and now, it’s time to lay down the law. That means you’ll back yourself, your boundaries and your expectations. Good for you!

You’re an attention magnet, and this week your hotness is off the charts! Mars and Venus make a sexy connection that works in your favour, Leo. Couples turn up the heat in the bedroom while singles meet-up in an educational setting. Invest your time in like-minded friends. They’re the ones that not only understand you but will have your back when you need it most.


Combing through your finances is a tedious task, but this week, it’s unavoidable. Attend to outstanding paperwork, bills and debts sooner rather than later. Once you’ve taken care of business, there’ll be time for a bit of fun. In fact, putting on your party shoes by week’s end will be extra pleasurable after you’ve ticked those necessary boxes.

How does your partnership benefit you? What value does your lover, spouse or business partner bring into your life? These are the questions you’ll be asking yourself, thanks to this week’s cosmic bonanza in your relationship zone. Rather than feeling guilty, remember your worth, Libra. Your happiness matters too. Selling yourself short is not an option.


As the zodiac sign with the most depth, you constantly seek to know ‘why’. This week, you’ll get answers as the final puzzle piece falls into place. Get whatever’s perplexing you off your chest, Scorpio. Ask probing questions that make milder signs blush. You might ruffle a few feathers, but the satisfaction will be well worth it.


On Saturday, Mars urges you to speak your mind on a topic that’s been troubling you for ages. Stop! The red planet’s alliance with Neptune is withholding information, leading you to misread a situation or person. Probe gently, but if answers aren’t forthcoming, allow the dust to settle before jumping to conclusions.

By the end of the week, you’re a little lethargic, but try not to beat yourself up, Capricorn. Aim to be present in the moment - remember to breathe! At first, relaxation demands more effort than action. Yet, Mars and Neptune won’t have it any other way, so you might as well give in. Take your foot off the pedal and make time to dream.


Mercury gets your message across, loud and clear when the planet of speech blasts into your communication zone. Express everything that’s been swirling around in that brilliant head of yours, Aquarius. Because you’ve been keeping it all in, you're more forceful than usual. That’s fine, be assertive, but mind your manners too.

Connect with uplifting people on Tuesday. Venus’ kiss with Mars obliterates pressures, elevates your mood and brightens your day. You’ll want to hang out with friends that genuinely have your back, so do that. Avoid Debbie downers! This week spotlights interactions that are good for your mental, physical and emotional health.

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