HOROSCOPES: What Saturn's retrograde means for you, according to your star sign.



Natasha Weber is an astrology genius, and has predicted all of our horoscopes for the week beginning April 29. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook

weekly horoscope

Saturn’s rewind through your career sector signals a break in your usual routine or a hiatus from your workplace. If you have leave owed to you, now would be an ideal time to take it. Removing yourself from the professional pressure cooker for a short spell will help to clarify your goals. Returning you with a renewed sense of purpose and ambition.

taurus horoscope

Bulls that have not yet celebrated their birthday, may be feeling lacklustre, wondering if it is their season to shine at all. Hang in there. The period just prior to your birthday can be a vulnerable one. This is because the Sun is in shadow, behind it's position of return. Once your birthday has passed, you will be swinging from the rafters with renewed oomph and vitality.

GEMINI horoscope

This week, an ambition you had your sights set on may fall short of the mark, due to Mars’ clash with Neptune in your sphere of life goals and direction. More often than not, things don’t work out because there is something much better around the corner. Try not to get so caught up in what has been lost, that you miss the silver lining.

cancer horoscope

Saturn can be a tough task-master. When the planet of discipline reverses in your partnership zone on Tuesday, you must contemplate a decision. This retrograde offers a grace period where you can consider making an important move in your relationship. Think carefully, so that you are ready to bite the bullet when the time comes.

leo horoscope

Stale and boring was never meant for you Leo. When chatty Mercury hangs out with fiery Mars this week, sparks fly during an interaction. You are likely to connect with someone that inspires or uplifts you, through your existing social circle or a new networking opportunity. What can be achieved by putting two heads together is nothing short of amazing.

VIRGO horoscope

You may be considering buying or selling your home due to Jupiter’s retrograde in your family sector. Given that the planet of luck is not at its best, it’s wise to consider all possibilities before making a firm decision. This goes for any plans involving tangible real-estate or property investments. Time will reveal the way forward, just don’t push for completion now.

LIBRA horoscope

Actions speak louder than words this week. Communicative Mercury and motivated Mars urge you to act upon thoughts, desires or plans that you have been ruminating over. Take the lead if necessary, and don’t wait for approval that may never come. If you want it, reach out and grab it. In the end, you’ll be relieved you took the chance.

SCORPIO horoscope

Attachment can be sweet and sour. On one hand, it brings a sense of belonging that promises the depth of connection that a Scorpio craves. On the other hand, it can mean restricted freedom and answering to someone else’s needs. The question is, what are you willing to sacrifice for the sake of intimacy?


Jupiter’s rewind offers you a chance to catch your breath. Although you may feel frustrated by something that is not progressing as fast as you hoped, use this time to cool down. Is what you desire in alignment with your end goal? If the answer is yes, the result will be that much sweeter once you’ve taken time to reassess.

CAPRICORN horoscope

Sometimes, it’s necessary to tear down what is old and outdated in order to rebuild a new and improved version. With Saturn going retrograde in your sign on Tuesday, you can restructure your life and anything in it. Obviously, this process is unlikely to be easy peasy but if you know it needs doing, dive in without hesitation. The rewards will be epic.

AQUARIUS horoscope

A brilliant new idea pops into your mind when clever Mercury and lucky Jupiter kiss on Friday. Trust yourself and ignore the naysayers. Now may not be the time to act, due to Jupiter’s retrograde. However, this is actually working to your advantage by giving you a chance to collect your thoughts and develop a smart plan of action.

Week horoscopes pisces

Saturn separates you from a friend or a relative that is no longer in your best interests. The make-or-break planet reverses in your friendship zone causing you to avoid people that don’t have your back. Many love your beautiful sensitive heart, Pisces. Don’t put up with anything other than total support, care and loyalty.

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