HOROSCOPES: Emotional reassessment and strength. The week ahead according to your star sign.

Natasha Weber is an astrology genius and has predicted our horoscopes for the week beginning April 26. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

weekly horoscope aries

Love and fear are polarising emotions that struggle to exist at the same time, so which one are you going to run with? The Sun’s kiss with electric Uranus helps you turn a negative thought around by practising gratitude, which has been scientifically proven to elevate mood. This week, be an active participant in your happiness, Aries.

weekly horoscope

At the start of the week, the Sun and Uranus make a rare alignment in your sign. This cosmic connection can bring one of two things – a feeling as though the rug has been pulled out from under your feet or a fantastic surprise. At first, the news may ruffle your feathers, but when you stop and think about it, it's actually a blessing in disguise.


By midweek, the Moon glows in your cash zone, while shrewd Mercury in your subconscious sector brings a cosmic gift. Pay attention to an original idea that pops into your head. Most likely, the epiphany comes to you in a dream or during a quiet moment. What you come up with is vital information that can help grow your money tree.

cancer horoscope

Your natural caring ways are appreciated when the Moon triggers your sign this week. You’ll discover emotional strength that you never knew you had. And, despite your gentle demeanour, you do have enormous inner power, Cancer. A friend asks you for a considerable favour, or you could help a loved one out of a crisis. Either way, you’ll emerge a hero.

leo horoscope

The Moon passes through your zone of recuperation, granting you a reprieve. Lions gain much by slowing down. Sure, you might already be moving at a snail's pace thanks to coronavirus restrictions. So, for you, the answer lies in stopping to make a mental or emotional reassessment. If something is making you unhappy, you now have time to change it.

VIRGO horoscope

Expect a positive shift this week, especially for Virgos that have been putting in the hard yards. A reward is due! Thanks to Mercury’s alignment with lucky Jupiter, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief when you receive a little cosmic blessing. You might be given a precious gift, heartfelt compliment or make a meaningful online connection.

LIBRA horoscope

Mercury makes it's last hoorah in your relationship sector, asking you to address a lingering concern. Is something about your love life gnawing at your core? For couples, the answer is as simple as having an honest conversation. In this case, Mercury asks you to speak assertively. For singles, how do you feel about yourself? Be the person that you would want to date.

SCORPIO horoscope

The cosmos brings an element of surprise to your partnership zone. Happy couples are encouraged to mix things up and get creative. Sure, that’s tough if you’re in lockdown. Still, there are many ways you can add a little spice to your relationship. Shy and single? Revive your online profile and consider someone quirky or out of the ordinary.


Thanks to the Sun's exciting connection with Uranus, you're all fired up, but with nowhere to go! The good news is that you have ample energy to burn. The downside is that you're finding the lack of connection and entertainment downright depressing. Think ahead. Why not organise a post iso party? Plan every last detail, starting with a fantastic new look.

CAPRICORN horoscope

You're in super serious mode this week – nothing can distract you from your goals. Saturn, your planetary ruler, has decided to take a major project to the next level. Are you ready, Capricorn? Don't worry, you have time but do begin the process by Wednesday. Set the wheels in motion by downloading a useful software program, organising a meeting or adhering to a strict schedule.

AQUARIUS horoscope

A young person turns out to be your lucky charm this week. Mercury and larger-than-life Jupiter blow an issue out of proportion, landing you in a tight spot. But, you get bailed out thanks to a younger sibling, friend or workmate. The experience brings you closer together in mutual respect, creating a happy ending for everyone concerned.

Week horoscopes pisces

A shock announcement or surprising reaction rocks your world when unpredictable Uranus meets-up with the Sun. Don’t give a relative or frenemy the satisfaction of watching you squirm. Instead, be ready for anything and stand your ground. Afterwards, you’ll have time to remove yourself and let it all soak in, ultimately giving you the upper hand.

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