HOROSCOPES: A power struggle and a BIG regret. The week ahead according to your star sign.

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Tuesday’s full Moon gives you an appetite for lust. If you’re single, your hunger for physical intimacy may end in regret. Don’t be tempted to go on a date with someone you don’t vibe with, just because there are no better offers. Otherwise, you'll wish you stayed home to wash your hair! Couples share a meaningful interaction while confiding something deeply personal.


La Luna pokes a sensitive topic. Rather than avoiding the issue by shutting down, try to open up instead. In the past, you’ve built walls to protect your heart. But now it's time to be brave and look at the situation with fresh eyes. Provided you feel safe, getting things off your chest promises to be cathartic.

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You’re perpetually curious, always seeking new knowledge. Let’s face it, Gemini, you’re super smart. But don’t be too quick to pat yourself on the back. One of your problems is that you have trouble sticking to things. Tuesday’s full Moon puts an end to that as you see a task through to its successful conclusion. Give yourself a big green tick!


A draining relationship that was an emotional tug-of-war is in the past. Or, is it? This week, you get a glimmer of that same power struggle. You’ll be inclined to revert back to the same feelings and, most importantly, the same you. But you’re different now, Cancer. You’ve evolved. Remember that and insensitive comments will be like water off a duck’s back.

Pluto’s retrograde inspires you to become the best version of yourself, but to do that, you need to go inwards. Examine all aspects of your life, from your physical health to your daily routine. Be honest, Leo. If you’re not hitting the bullseye, maybe you need to move the target? Structure your life in helpful ways that make attaining your goals a little easier.


Pluto’s rewind turns your love life around for the better. The winds of change are blowing in your direction - use them to create positive transformation. For singles, this could mean a new and wonderful relationship is around the corner. Couples are encouraged to reflect on what is and isn’t working. Eliminate anything (or anyone) that undermines your relationship.


Money matters are highlighted, thanks to the full Moon activating your financial sphere. Investors may discover a boom in stock and bonds. At the same time, other Librans score a cash bonus or increased work hours. Calculated risks pay off but with an emphasis on ‘calculated’. When it comes to your hard-earned dollars, do your homework and save extra earnings for a rainy day.

Tuesday’s full Moon makes its annual mark on your sign, making you emotional without understanding why. Follow your feelings; go deep, even if it means delving into uncomfortable territory. Consider this a purge where you have permission to cry, punch your pillow or wallow in solitude. Now isn’t the time for composure - let it out. 


Consistency has the power to create lasting transformation, so what are you doing daily to turn your desires into reality? Frustration is guaranteed if you sit idle. Come on, Saggi, you're a motivated fire queen! Refuse to let the Sun’s alliance with Uranus bog you down. This week, take the Bull by the horns.

Your mind is abuzz with thoughts, but your challenge is not to trip over your words and say something that lands you in hot water. Mercury and Neptune are in cahoots, creating a mental fog. Unless you must speak, leave super important discussions until next week. For lovers, communicating through touch is best.


There’s a shift in family dynamics when the Sun and Uranus kiss on Saturday. The winds of change are in the air making resistance futile. Try to avoid projecting your dreams onto others. While hoping your expectations are met is fine, don’t come down on a loved one if the reverse is true. Be kind; it’s one of your virtues, after all.

Your curiosity is on overdrive, thanks to Mercury’s conversation with Neptune in your sign. Your hunger for knowledge motivates you to collect as much information as possible, which gives you the edge, Pisces. Yet, you may keep what you learn up your sleeve until the time is right. Then, draw on what you know to smash the competition!

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