HOROSCOPES: Setting intentions and saying goodbye. The week ahead according to your star sign.

Natasha Weber is an astrology genius and has predicted our horoscopes for the week beginning April 19. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

weekly horoscope aries

Is a family member driving you nuts? Rather than quietly discussing what’s getting under your skin, shake off built-up tension by getting physically active. Exercise together – bike rides, jogging or power walks are perfect remedies. If your little darlings are fraying your nerves, turn up the volume on their favourite song and dance around your lounge room to obliterate stress!

weekly horoscope


Monday ushers in #taurusseason. Are you ready to step into a brand new 12-month phase? Now is the perfect time to set clear intentions for what you want to achieve and plot out steps to smash your goals. There’s something magical about writing down your desires – it does help you manifest them. Put pen to paper to outline as much detail as possible.


Listen to your subconscious Gemini. What’s it trying to tell you? The truth is, you’ve known all along, but fear has been holding you back – fear of judgement, fear of looking stupid or fear of the unknown. Now, when the new Moon activates your dream sector, take charge of your destiny. Grab the steering wheel of your life and do what must be done.

cancer horoscope


The Sun’s dance with the Moon’s Node highlights someone from your past. And yet you know that the relationship has reached its used-by date. Trust that whatever unfolds is meant to be – fate is at work here. Sentimentality may attempt to pull you back into the fray. Still, you’ll only prolong the inevitable if you try to hold on. Onwards and upwards Cancer.

leo horoscope

Words can cut deep. When Mercury and Mars align on Sunday, be mindful of what you say, especially to a cherished loved one. It’s not all bad news though; the stars offer a mutually beneficial solution, provided you speak with sensitivity. What’s most important is that you avoid creating further upset by saying something you’ll later regret.

VIRGO horoscope


Get your creative juices flowing this week, Virgo. Sure, you’re a practical earth sign. Nevertheless, you’re super talented and shouldn’t let your gift go to waste. On Tuesday, the Sun makes a positive angle to the Moon’s Node, lighting up your artistic sphere. You mightn’t be a Picasso or a Rembrandt, but you do have something unique to offer.

LIBRA horoscope

A firm focus on your finances is called for when Thursday’s new Moon highlights your money sector. You might buckle down, deciding not to commit to a sizeable purchase after all. Rather than dropping the idea altogether, consider a collaboration. For business babes, partnering up with another brand could top up your kitty, at least temporarily.


SCORPIO horoscope

The Sun heats up your relationship zone. On Monday, Le Soleil makes you aware of what you need from a partnership. This could be in a business sense, but most likely, you'll have an epiphany about what you want from your lover and exactly how to get it. Surprisingly, you won’t have to work too hard for your desires to be met. A gentle nudge, chat (or smooch) will do the trick.



Both the Sun and Thursday’s new moon highlight your daily routine, which has been turned on its head! This week, you’re offered insight on how to make this work to your best advantage. Implementing a solid structure helps you feel more in control. Actually, you’ll be able to move mountains with a little bit of practical organisation.

CAPRICORN horoscope

Feeling lighter? Saturn has exited your sign (for now). But while you still have Pluto and Jupiter hanging around, there is massive room for self-improvement, particularly in terms of your physical body and appearance. While I wouldn’t encourage you to cut your own hair, maybe it’s time to rethink your style? Start by eliminating what's not working for you.

AQUARIUS horoscope


This week, you finally acknowledge that someone (or something) has left your life for good. Nevertheless, the feeling is bittersweet as you wave goodbye to a special person or a dream job that’s slipped through your fingers. Have you done your best? If you’ve honestly given it your all, then let it go. If not, swallow your pride and ask for another chance.

Week horoscopes pisces

You’re usually a gentle, go-with-the-flow type of person, Pisces. Yet, the week begins with Mercury's kiss with Mars firing you up! Channel your newly found determination into ditching a bad habit. Reset a negative behavioural pattern or a destructive vice (you know the one). You’ll improve yourself in more ways than one, and it won’t take long for a VIP to notice.

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