The two unconventional but absolutely stunning celebrity weddings that happened this week.

As the Southern Hemisphere hits hibernation mode, for those in the Northern Hemisphere, June first signifies the start of the summer wedding season. And this week, two separate famous couples have tied the knot.

Orange is the New Black’s Laura Prepon has married longtime partner Ben Foster in a ceremony that looked beautifully retro.

The actress, who plays Alex Vause on the hit Netflix show, has been engaged since 2016 and was first seen wearing her engagement ring in October of that year at the New York City premier of The Girl on the Train.

Sharing a touching, sepia-toned photo on Instagram, it seemed Prepon, 38, and Foster, 37, chose a vintage theme.

Prepon wore a 50s inspired dress, reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe’s iconic white V-Neck dress from The Seven Year Itch – the one which flies up as she’s standing over a subway vent – and the groom wore a grey vest and fedora hat, adding to the old Hollywood vibe.

The couple also welcomed their first child, daughter Ella in August last year.

Laura Prepon and Ben Foster
Laura Prepon and Ben Foster (June, 2017). Image: Getty.

On the other side of a completely different spectrum, despite having been married since February of this year, owner of Kat Von D cosmetics Katherine von Drachenberg also celebrated her "wedding ceremony" with musician and artist Leafar Seyer, 42.

The 36-year-old makeup mogul stuck to her roots in a goth-themed extravaganza that looked - in the best way possible - like a scene out of American Horror Story: Hotel.

Stealing the show was Von D's wedding ensemble. Currently pregnant with her first child, the bride wore a bespoke dress and headpiece by Majesty Black and if you look closely in the photos, you can also see a red figure in the background holding her veil.

Sharing a sketch of a bird's eye view of her outfit days before the wedding, you can appreciate the beautiful veil in all its detailed glory.


8 more days until our wedding. ❤️ @prayers

A post shared by Kat Von D (@thekatvond) on

A post shared by Kat Von D (@thekatvond) on


All we can say is bless Instagram for gifting us with these stunning photos, we feel like we're better people for it.

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