14 wedding videographers share the worst things they ended up catching on camera.

Ah, weddings. The event full of love, hope and badly behaving relatives.

If there’s anyone who sees the chaos up close, it’s the videographer. And when they say they’ve seen it all, trust us – they have. Wedding photographers and videographers recently took to Reddit to share the worst things they’d ever caught on camera and well, let’s just say it will make you think of your own big day a little more fondly.

1. Thinking out loud.

“I was filming the father of the bride speech, he mumbled his way through it. The guest in front of me said ‘Well, that was f**king sh*t’ and only then remembered I was behind him and sheepishly looked round.”

2. Lit wedding.

“During the ceremony, they had candles lining the aisle and the mother of the bride decided to get closer so she could get a better picture. While she was taking pictures, she started walking backwards. Well, she walked backwards right into one of the candle holders and knocked it over right into someone’s lap. Commence chaos!” wrote one user.

“Guy jumps up trying to put out the fire that’s now in his lap, guys wife starts screaming at the women. Took about 20 minutes to get everything calmed down. Marriage went off without a hitch afterwards. And yes it was all caught on camera although the bride insisted it be cut out of the final video.”

Image: Bride Wars

3. Striptease.

"I used to be a video guy in the '80s and '90s. I've shot probably around 500 weddings so there were lots of things that had to be edited out. Some of the more memorable ones are the time the brother of the groom stripped completely naked on the dance floor in full view of everyone or the time when giving a congratulatory interview on camera, the very drunk bridesmaid started deep throating the microphone."


4. In full bloom.

"You'd be surprised how often boobs pop out of dresses, especially during the bouquet toss."

5. Worst man.

"The mother of the bride screaming at the best man during his toast. She was furious about something and wound up walking up to him and spitting in his face. That was fun..."

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6. Let them eat cake.

"The table that held the wedding cake collapsed when they were cutting it. It fell all over bride and groom and the bride was hysterically crying."

7. Caught on camera.

One former groom shared the story of his sister-in-law trying to exploit the wedding photographer to be her personal photographer for the day.

"She absolutely denied it for four months until we are sitting around watching footage, and just like a scene from the office, you see and hear with perfect clarity 'Oh, the bride wants you to take pictures of the families, not the reception. We are ready when you are' and the sister in law is sitting in the corner of the room and stomps her way to the door and slams it as she leaves."

8. Kids will be kids.

"The father of the groom was making his speech, and got to a touching part about his wife, the mother of the groom, who had passed away recently," wrote one videographer.

"I was filming from the back but got his sound okay, but there were a bunch of little kids near me playing quietly until one of them yelled "GODDAMMIT! F**K YOU!" right as the father was tearing up. Nobody seemed to notice but it was plain as day on the tape, so I had to do a lot of delicate chopping on that one."

9. Artful dodger.

"The bride dodged the groom's kiss... I cringed really hard and decided to remove that scene from the wedding altogether."

10. Gettin' jiggy.

"I've filmed dozens of weddings. I put a wireless mic on the groom in a lot of cases, so I get everything he mutters before, during, and after the ceremony. Most of my cutting was audio related. [I get] lots of guys buddies telling them they have a chance to run (serious and not)," contributed one Reddit user.

"My favorite though was walking down the aisle after the ceremony, the groom whispers to the bride 'We're getting it on as soon as we leave this church' and the bride gave him this hilarious look and were basically jogging out of the church."

Image: Getty

11. Unexpected rain.

"My husband filmed at my sister's wedding and we got a lovely shot of a pageboy having a piss in the bushes during the outdoor photo bit."

12. Unwanted company.

"At a friend's wedding, the videographer was filming a beautiful moment where the bride, bride's sister, brother, and mother were dancing together. Near the end of the dance, her father came and stood behind the videographer and said 'This would be a beautiful picture if that b*tch wasn't in it.'

"He and the bride's mother weren't on the best of terms after their divorce."

13. DIY gone wrong.

"We made the mistake of deciding to set up ours ourselves on a tripod in the rear of the chapel, and let it roll. The plan would have been brilliant if not for the fact it got bumped when someone walked past, and was instead filming nice solid shot of one of the uncles fighting a particularly stubborn wedgie for... far too long," one user wrote.

"Someone noticed it and adjusted it.... eventually."

14. Blooper gold.

"At my cousin's wedding, my mother fell a total of three times. All three times, my dad me or my two other siblings weren't around so we didn't really believe she kept tripping over her dress. That was until the next day when she had a bruise the size of Eurasia on her thigh. We were left scratching our heads," wrote one wedding guest.

"Then the video for the wedding came out, along with bloopers. In the bloopers you see my mother hopping around with her friend and doing bad Irish dancing when she lands, catches the hem of her dress, skids and falls backwards, over said friend."