This groom's wedding suit was lost by an airline. He got the ultimate viral revenge.

Here’s a nice weekend riddle for your Sunday: what can you feasibly do without on your wedding day? If something doesn’t turn up, what could you survive without?

Perhaps a cake? Maybe some flowers? What about your suit?

For one unnamed Reddit user, this was quite the predicament. Flying across countries for his wedding, his suit just…didn’t show up.

Posting a photo on Reddit of his nuptials, user Zebidee didn’t seem to be fazed about his lack of formal attire, pulling something together at the last minute that doesn’t resemble everything you’d imagine a groom to look like, but one’s that’s memorable all the same.

“If you want to wind up in the same country as your wedding outfits, don’t fly Delta Airlines,” he wrote.

Image: Reddit.

A look complete with black socks, black shorts and a white t-shirt with "this wedding suit is courtesy of Delta airlines" emblazoned across the front, if nothing else, it made for some striking wedding photos.

The post, which has accumulated 2,500 comments and 88,000 up votes at time of writing, ignited a debate about which airlines are actually safe to fly with for important occasions.

Full of anecdotes and examples, Reddit came to the conclusion that you should absolutely never fly with any airline company for any single thing.

That settles it, then.

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