The wedding secrets they never want their spouse to find out.

Weddings take months and months to plan. Sometimes even a couple years.

But whether you like it or not, something is going to go wrong.

For these couples, however, we aren’t talking about place settings getting mixed up or the wrong song being played at the wrong time.

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Instead in this Reddit thread, these couples share what went wrong at their wedding, that they would never ever want their partner to find out.

We are talking about secrets people. Deep, dark secrets.

Like the time the invited ex tried to have sex with the groom minutes before the vows.

Or the time when you find out the groomsmen brought prostitutes as dates. And used the back seat of your wedding car.

Or the time that the best man ruined your wedding night hotel suite.

Let’s just hope their better half doesn’t ever read these confessions.

CLICK THROUGH the gallery for the worst of the worst secrets from their wedding day. And if you are brave enough, confess your secret in the comments below.