Kaila had her dream wedding. Two years later her wedding photos went viral.

In happy news for your Wednesday afternoon, the bride who’s USB containing her wedding photos was stolen has been reunited with the pictures of her happy day.

Queensland Police shared the photograph on Facebook yesterday calling for anyone who was able to identify the bride in the photo to reach out.

Kaila, who is the bride in the photos, told Mamamia she didn’t even know the USB had gone missing until she saw the photos in the media.

“My sister who was one of my bridesmaids lives in Queensland and had her car broken into about a week and a half ago,” she said.

“She didn’t realise the USB had been stolen until one of her neighbours showed her husband the picture on Facebook. Once she knew the police had found them, she sent the link.

“Neither my sisters nor I have Facebook so if it hadn’t been shared, she wouldn’t have seen it!”

Kaila got married in April 2016 in Gippsland, Victoria, a day she describes as “amazing”.

“It was everything that we could have hoped it would be,” she said.

Thankfully the USB photos were not the only copies, although she’s still grateful to have them back.

“I wasn’t really sure what to think [when I saw the post]. I was glad police had found them – it’s strange to think that one of my wedding photos has been shared and seen so many times! I’m just happy they were in the safe hands of the police,” she said.

“Thank you to everyone for sharing, because without them we wouldn’t have been able to know they were missing!”

The now-viral photo from her wedding day in question has now become even more special.

“It was always one of our favourites but I’m sure now we will giggle when we look at, knowing everything turned out OK!”

One thing’s for sure though.

“We’ll be knowing where our photos are at all times!”

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