Most brides aren't impressed with wedding night sex.

Your wedding is supposed to be the most romantic day of your life – but new research suggests that for most brides, their wedding night is a serious let down.

The Huffington Post reports that a new survey has revealed that more than half of brides are left unsatisfied by their first romp as man and wife.

The interesting part? Only 22 per cent of grooms said they were unsatisfied with their wedding night.

Something doesn’t add up here…

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More than 2,400 recently-married adults from the UK were polled by, and interestingly, 79 per cent said they were generally happy with their sex lives.

But while 88 per cent had sex on their wedding night, most brides were left underwhelmed.

Alcohol was a a big factor - 39 per cent of women blamed bad wedding sex on their husband's drinking. 35 per cent said their man couldn't get an erection, followed by 12 per cent who said their husband was too tired for sex.

Apparently four per cent of of men were too nervous to consummate the marriage properly, while three per cent of men just weren't in the mood.

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Meanwhile, of the grooms who reported bad wedding sex, 37 per cent blamed their wife's exhaustion, 21 per cent said their wife wasn't in the mood, 12 per cent said their wife was too drunk, five per cent said their wife couldn't stop crying (wait, what?) and three per cent said their wife had annoyed them too much (probably not a good start to a life of wedded bliss).

MedExpress spokesman Michael Ross said it was natural for nerves and exhaustion to interfere with mind-blowing wedding sex.

"Everything surrounding one's wedding day is expected to allude perfection these days, and that is a lot of pressure to put on newlyweds who are no doubt cornered into thinking the consummation of their marriage is meant to be just as special," he said.

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"Wedding night dissatisfaction can cause arguments and insecurities so to avoid these make sure you speak honestly about what you would like from your wedding night with your partner.

"If you are worried you might get too drunk or that your partner might not be able to perform, maybe have your wedding night sex the night before. You can make it just as romantic as doing the deed on the actual day would be and it may even relieve some stress."

Lucky all those couples have the rest of their lives to make up for one lacklustre performance...

Were you satisfied with your wedding night?

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