7 mistakes brides make on their wedding day, according to a makeup artist.

Are you a lass who's getting married soon? Yes?? Welcome! Please sit. Because if there's one thing we know when it comes to wedding makeup, it's that there's just So. Much. Pressure.

Like, how do you find the right makeup artist? What kind of wedding makeup should you go for? Should you do a trial? What if you don't like your makeup look? ALL OF THE THINGS.

And, we get it.

Your wedding is literally one of the most photographed days of your life, and you're literally going to be looking back at these photos forever, so you're going to want to make sure you're happy with your makeup look.

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But where do you start? What are the ground rules here? 

We've got you covered, friend.

We (lovingly) cornered makeup artist Mia Connor and asked her absolutely everything we need to avoid when it comes to wedding day makeup. And guess what? She told us. How good!

Below, here are seven things you should avoid at all costs.

1. Booking an artist and requesting looks that are polar opposite of that particular artist’s style.

Rule number one: Do your research.


"Brides should be booking an artist whose style of makeup is what they want — instead of asking them to create something that is not their aesthetic," said Connor. "I use the analogy of going to an Italian restaurant but asking for Chinese food. There are many different cuisines in makeup."

"This happens a lot more than you would expect. Brides should choose inspiration images from the artist’s portfolio instead of bringing in images taken off Pinterest." 

So, ditch the Pinterest board and take a look at your makeup artist's Instagram and collate a folder of your favourite saved looks.

2. Skipping a trial.


Yes, it's another extra cost — but gosh, it's worth it. Not only will a trial run help you decide what kind of makeup look you want to go for, but it'll also ensure you and your makeup artist are the right fit. 

As Connor told us, it's also an important way to make sure all the products your makeup artist is going to use actually perform on your skin.

"Particularly foundation — everyone’s skin is so different and there isn’t one foundation that suits all. You want your base to last and make sure your skin looks the best it can so it might be an idea to test this out prior to the big day." 

"Whilst you might have an idea or inspiration image of the look you want — if you haven’t seen yourself with a similar look, a trial is a great idea. The same makeup looks completely different from everyone so just because you like it on the person in your inspiration pic — you might not feel the same once it’s on your own face." 

"A trial can often be walking away knowing what you DON’T want."

And that, friends, is quite valuable indeed.

3. Wearing strip lashes.

PSA: Strip lashes are something you want to avoid when it comes to your wedding day makeup. According to Connor, individual lashes are where it's all at. 

Note. Taken.

"You won’t have to be concerned about lashes lifting or coming off if you use individuals," she said. "Plus, they are soooo much more comfortable and a much more tailored look to the individual."

4. Choosing the wrong inspiration images.

Another common mistake Connor said she sees on the regular, is people choosing inspiration images of people who look... very different to them.


"By that, I mean hair, eye and skin colour," she said. 

"A look on a brunette with tanned skin and brown eyes will not translate the same to someone with blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin."

So, just keep this in mind! 

5. Being the last person in the makeup chair.

Contrary to what you might think, brides shouldn't be the last person in the makeup chair. According to Connor, she likes having her brides in the middle of the schedule.


"This allows plenty of time for any changes. I have my bride’s full attention and as she is my priority, I don’t want my time with her cut short by the many distractions and interruptions that will happen towards the end of the getting ready time."

Plus, you'll most likely get your makeup touched up at the end as well.

"Allowing more time to be ready than you think you need will result in a stress-free morning." 

We love stress-free!

6. Feeling like your look needs to be 'bridal'.

When it comes to wedding makeup — you do you! You should feel comfortable and happy with your makeup — and not just choose a cookie-cutter wedding look because you feel like you have to.

"Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you should look a certain 'bridal' way," said Connor. "I believe you should look yourself and feel comfortable and if that’s wearing minimal makeup or a dramatic smokey eye then so be it." 

7. Skimping on hair and makeup.

"Don’t skimp on hair or makeup. It’s more important than some realise and bad hair and makeup can really pull the whole look down," said Connor.

"When you look good, you feel good — brides prioritise their amazing dress, their photographer etc. but if the beauty side of things aren’t on the same level, you won’t feel as confident which is not what we want on your wedding day." 

Are you getting married this year? Did you pick up any tips here? Share with us in the comment section below.

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