A woman has shared her mother-in-law's bizarre request in the lead up to her wedding.

A bride claims her future mother-in-law wants her to dye her naturally red hair so they don’t have the same hair colour at the wedding and this seems… odd.


The anonymous bride shared her dilemma in a now deleted Reddit post after her fiancé's mother text her, suggesting she dye her hair before the big day.

Her MIL is not a natural red head, but dyes her hair red.

"MIL texted me this weekend asking what I planned on doing to my hair for our upcoming fall 2019 wedding," the woman wrote. "I sent her back a few hairstyle photos I had saved from Pinterest as inspiration. Conversation went downhill from there."

Her future MIL responded to the Pinterest photos to say she was actually asking what her bride was planning to do about her hair colour.

The bride told her red was her natural hair colour and she'd never dyed it before: "If I ever desire to do so it certainly won’t be right before the most photographed day of my life."

"Don’t you think people will think it’s weird you have the same hair colour as [your husband]'s mother?," the MIL answered. "I just don’t want you having to explain it to your family that we match."

The bride explained that her entire family has natural red hair and she didn't think anyone would confuse them, but the MIL just... wouldn't back down.


"It makes me uncomfortable that you'd be willing to keep the same colour has me when you're marrying my son," she said.

The bride, who at this point deserves kudos for her saint-level patience, replied that their matching hair colour would not be on anyone's radar.

"It is because my sister already said it would be hard to tell you and I apart in a family wedding photo. I just don't want to put [her son] in an uncomfortable position," the MIL responded.

That was when the bride had enough, so she turned to Reddit for advice on how to answer... and some of the suggestions were brilliant.

"A good response would be, 'I seriously doubt anyone will have any issues telling us apart, but if you're concerned, feel free to dye your hair back to your own natural colour to avoid any confusion.'"

"This really sounds like a weird power move. It reeks of passive aggressive manipulation, as though MIL is testing the waters to see how much she'll be able to push OP around. Perhaps with a heaping helping of "I can't be ousted as Most Important Woman in the Universe in my baaaaaby's life. I know, I'll just take over OP's identity and tell her to stop copying me."

"I’ll ask the photographer to keep the extended family photos to a minimum so there won’t be many to confuse everyone. Thank you for sharing your concern!" (Oooph!)

"Add a picture of a bride with brown hair and someone else with brown hair and ask can she tell who the bride is. Ha."

Many users said the bride should be concerned about the possibility of the MIL turning up to the wedding in a white dress.

"The only way the 'how can they tell us apart?' would be a real concern is if the MIL is already planning on wearing a wedding dress."

"Definitely start with 'well, you won’t be wearing white for a start' (in case her crazy extends to actually wearing white to your wedding) and follow it with an invitation for her to return to her NATURAL colour if she’s that worried about it."

"Op please be very careful... have a plan in place in the event she shows up in a bridal gown or in white. I can see her doing something like that."

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