"Sociopath in action." The bride and maid of honour caught scamming their bridesmaids. 

It’s no secret that weddings are really bloody expensive.

Food, drinks, dresses and all the other parties before the main event are just the tip of the iceberg.

But in 2019 it would appear that these costs are causing brides to sneak into criminal territory, specifically in the area of… fraud.


Writing on Reddit, a woman has shared her experience of being scammed by a bride and her maid of honour in which she was part of the wedding party as a bridesmaid.

She explained that the pair worked together to steal $200 from each bridesmaid under the guise of their dresses being more expensive than they actually were.

Bridezilla tried ripping off bridesmaids –> found this in that’s it, I’m wedding shaming (non ban-happy edition) w/ better mods. holy hell! from r/bridezillas

“Several years ago, a friend of mine asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. There was six of us plus the MOH [Maid of Honour], so seven total. The bride had picked out her dress already, one for the MOH, and one for the bridesmaids. The dress itself was lovely but a bit expensive at $400 each since two of us were still in college and the rest had recently graduated,” she began.

“I was one of the two still in college so money was super tight. Anyhow, the bride asked the MOH to coordinate with all of us for fittings/ alterations and such as one of her duties. The MOH decided she would pay for all the dresses on her credit card because she wanted the air miles and we would pay her back directly. None of us minded, especially since she was going to let us pay her back in installments if we needed. I definitely needed,” she continued.

The bridesmaid went on to explain that when she went to get her dress fitted, a salesperson casually mentioned the price, not knowing the dress had already been paid for.

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It was $200 less than they’d been told.

“I wasn’t able to go with everyone to pick up the dresses because finals week and planned to go by myself the following weekend. No big deal. The MOH said she would pay for mine on the group trip but to call her if there were any issues with the dress itself and she would handle it. I get there and the dress fits perfectly. The shop owner scoots off while I’m changing back into my street clothes since she has another client coming in but confirms we’re all set,” she said.

“As I’m walking out the door, another person working there yells out hey, that will be $200! I was stunned and totally mortified. I apologised and explained how I thought the MOH had paid for it the weekend before. The shop owner comes running over to diffuse the situation and confirmed the dress was paid for already. I turned to walk out and suddenly realised she said $200 and not $400.”

It… wasn’t a mistake. The bridesmaid goes on to explain that she confronted the Maid of Honour, who said that the bride needed more money.

“Long story short, the dress was only $200. When I confronted the MOH about it, she spilled the beans. Apparently, the bride and MOH plotted together to charge us double to help pay for the bride’s dress. I let the rest of the bridesmaids know and four of us dropped out of the wedding immediately.”

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The Reddit responses were in no way on the fence.

“Oh woooooooooow that goes beyond bridezilla and straight into theft. Unreal,” wrote one user.

“That’s not a bridezilla that’s a criminal,” wrote another.

“I wouldn’t want to go to my so-called friends wedding if I knew she tried to scam me out of 200 bucks.”

“Sociopath in action.”

“Isn’t that stealing? As in legally actionable??”

Wedding criminal stories could be the new wedding horror stories.

Cancel them immediately.

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