The cousin of a bride whose furious rant went viral says she has "entitlement issues".



Earlier this week we introduced you to a woman named Susan.

Susan had posted an epic rant on Facebook after her wedding guests refused to “donate” $1500 each, so she could have the “blow out” wedding of her dreams.

In the ridiculously long Facebook rant, ole’ Susie called her friends and family a bunch of “snakes” and “c*nts”.

Susan explained that she had called off the wedding, dumped her ex-fiance, and was planning to delete Facebook and backpack around South America for two months, to get away from all the “toxic energy”.

In the self-described “mini novel”, Susan called out her former maid of honour who is apparently a “filthy f*cking poor excuse for a friend”.

Susan also wanted her former fiance to know that she’s not some “hooch piece of f*cking trash, a hooker”.

You can read Susan’s full rant here.

Susan, of course, quickly went viral.

Now an alleged “cousin” of Susan has come forward with a lil’ background info on the woman who “just wanted to be a Kardashian for a day”.

Since she has not provided us with her real name, we shall call her “Barbara”.

Barbara is allegedly the person who reposted Susan’s original rant.

Barbara says Susan is definitely a “living breathing human being” and she shares a “small percentage of DNA” with her.


In another ridiculously long Facebook post, Barbara explained that Susan had come from humble beginnings and had some “entitlement issues”.

Barbara said her cousin had grown up working on her family’s farm and had only recently become obsessed with the ‘Kardashian lifestyle’.

“When I try to analyse her entitled behaviour, I believe deep down she’s very insecure about her status and how she stacks up to others,” she said.

“Growing up on a farm isn’t the most glamorous thing. Maybe her feelings of embarrassment and shame is fueling her craving for luxury and MAKING OTHERS PAY FOR IT.”

Barbara said this wasn’t the first time Susan had pulled a stunt like this.

Before she had her baby, Susan allegedly asked her friends and family to “pool” their money so she could get a $2000 “royal baby carriage”.

“When no one pooled money at first, she made increasingly whiny posts about not being able to ‘afford’ the ‘best life’ for her baby,” Barbara explained.

“Like a 2k carriage will do nothing to improve [sic] babies life.”

In the post, Barbara also explained that she didn’t really think her cousin would leave her baby behind and go backpacking in South America for two months.

“This woman has never been outside the US and does not speak ANY language other than English,” she said.


“We all think she’s saying that to be dramatic.”

You can read Barbara’s full update below:

wedding horror story bride
Image: Facebook.
wedding horror story bride
Image: Facebook.
wedding horror story bride
Image: Facebook.
wedding horror story bride
Image: Facebook.

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of "Susan rants on Facebook and Barbara makes her go viral" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .