A bride told her wedding planner she was in love with him. His response was... brutal.


Every now and then, a wedding is called off.

Whether it be a cheating fiancé or cold feet, sometimes the commitment of life long love just doesn’t happen.

But… this is worse.

A bride confessed she was in love with her wedding planner just five days before her wedding.

That’s less than a week.

In a Reddit thread, a friend of the wedding planner shared the very awkward story.

ClassicJenny explained that her wedding planner friend is a good looking straight male, with “an amazing eye for design and detail”.

“He can do everything from wedding dress design and execution, flowers, you name it. And his services are not cheap,” she wrote on the thread.

Then she explained exactly how the confession went down.

Bride: “I can’t marry him, I just don’t love him anymore, I think I’m in love with someone else!”

Him: “What do you mean you’re in love with someone else!? Your wedding is in 5 days!”

Bride: “Well… I’m in love with you. You just GET me! I’ve never met anyone else like you!”

Him: “…Do you know how much your parents are paying me to ‘get you’?!”


Oh. My. God.

That is bad.

We can very vividly imagine her friends and mother surrounding her begging her to… stop.


But she did not.

The Redditor added that the bride ended up getting married five days later, and never mentioned it again.

Ah well, cold feet, huh. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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