Guests confess their very, very worst wedding horror stories.

Weddings are a minefield. If you make it through the planning process unscathed, you’ve still got the hens and bucks parties to get though.

Survive those and all of a sudden it’s the ‘happiest day of your life’, which is chock full of family, booze and the very real potential for something to go seriously, seriously wrong.

I mean, you’ll most likely be wearing white and if that’s not an invitation for fate to knock you over in the mud, I just don’t know what is.

A combination of newlyweds, not-quite-weds and wedding guests shared their horror stories in an online forum recently and, oh boy, there were some real doozies.

Watch the best of the stories in our video above.

“My husband forgot his pants,” one woman writes. “We got married in a remote area where there were no extra pants to be had. He had to wear my dad’s pants.”

Another man, the best man, managed to break his heel on the day.

“Drunkenly broke my heel as best man at a wedding,” he writes. “Had to be carried around by the groom’s huge brother like Hodor carrying around Bran during the post-wedding brunch.”

Honestly though, if something Game of Thrones-esque has to go down at your wedding that’s probably the best you can hope for. (*Cough* Red Wedding, anyone?)