The 'big day' debate: What you can and should probably never wear to a wedding.

Everyone this week has been talking about the outfit Kendall Jenner wore to her best friend’s wedding. 

Both Jenner and model Bella Hadid were bridesmaids at the event, wearing these beautiful strapless silk slip dresses in a dusty blue colour. (Which keen fashion eyes may have noticed were by Aussie label Bec and Bridge!)

But it’s not the bridesmaid dress that made headlines. Oh no, rather it was Jenner’s reception outfit: a body-hugging spandex black dress with multiple cut-outs. A garment made by the label Mônot. 

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Video via Mamamia.

Since Jenner’s wedding guest dress went viral, there have been many conversations sprouting everywhere over what is considered “appropriate” to wear to a wedding.

And where better to start than with Mamamia's podcast for your wardrobe, What Are You Wearing?

Podcast co-host and Mamamia’s Head of Lifestyle, Tamara Davis shared her thoughts on the Kendall Jenner dress moment. 

“If a woman wears a hot dress, we instantly villainise her and we weaponise her outfit. It’s a bit of an outdated trope. I can only assume, that in this case the bride probably condoned this outfit. 

“I know for me when my wedding comes around, I want people to wear what they want and have fun with fashion,” she said on this week’s episode. 


Podcast co-host Deni Todorovič had a similar view.

“As soon as I saw the images, I was like ‘work it sis!’ I’ll preface this by saying I am queer: when I get married, I expect every single guest at my wedding to wear the most extravagant OTT gown they can wear because I don’t believe in fashion as threatening or trying to steal someone’s thunder. I want my friends to look as hot as I know I’m going to look,” they said.

“But then this sneaky little, slightly maybe patriarchal, voice came into my head and I asked myself whether my own friends would be pissed off I turned up to their wedding wearing something like this.” 

Deni’s consideration is valid, especially considering the coverage surrounding Jenner’s dress has mostly sparked debates on wedding guest attire etiquette. 


Simply put, what the hell should we wear to a wedding?

Wedding Guest Fashion Etiquette 101:

So now that weddings are back on across the country, has the wedding dress code changed?

“I think now post-pandemic, we’ve become more relaxed and there’s a much more inclusive and ‘wear what you want’ outlook,” Tamara notes. “Of course, it also comes down to what type of wedding it is.”

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For your more “traditional” or conservative wedding, the What Are You Wearing? team suggest a longer length dress as opposed to a cocktail-length option. Something flowy is always in fashion, not to mention that style is perfect for so many body types. 

Because at the end of the day, it’s key to always wear something that makes you feel comfortable on the day. Classic go-to’s like the little black dress, a printed/floral number, or a crisp coloured suit set are always good options. 

If you are attending as a plus one with your friend and/or partner, then you are probably more expected to follow a dress code, or look to what is recommended fashion-wise on the wedding invitation. 


Now onto another sticky subject: wearing white to a wedding. 

Yeah look, if you don’t want to potentially turn heads for the wrong reason, then best to stay away from a crisp and stark white. 

But when it comes to white-adjacent colours, think beige, cream, mocha, soft pink: go for your life. 

“I think you can wear something white-adjacent, but unless the bride and her partner have specifically said all guests wear white for a Hamptons themed wedding, then avoid it. You can also pair with some more colourful and fun accessories, so as not to be too bridal in your execution,” says Tamara. 

Like the vast majority of people, Deni still believes bridal white should only be reserved for the bride.

“My only issue with the concept is the idea that brides wearing white is a symbol of virginity which is pretty old-fashioned. But out of respect, that colour is typically reserved for the bride so best to keep with that tradition.” 

Watch: Mamamia asks women “can you wear white to a wedding?” Post continues below.


Video via Mamamia.

So, if you’re not keen on potentially causing a bit of drama, then here are our favourite wedding guest outfit picks. 

Adding to shopping cart immediately…

H&M Satin Dress Light Purple, $59.99.

Image: H&M.  

SHEIKE Piper Jacket and Pants Watermelon, $169.955 and $119.95.

Image: SHEIKE.  


CHANCERY Heaven Midi Dress Sage Green, $159.95.

Image: The Iconic.  

Forever New Curve Carrie One Shoulder Midi Dress Rust Sarasa, $149.99.

Image: Forever New Curve.  


Reformation Twilight Dress Emerald, $444.

Image: Reformation.  

Showpo I'm The One Two-Piece Set Powder Blue, $109.95 for the set.

Image: Showpo.  


Sportsgirl Jessie Linen Blend Midi Dress Orchid, $89.95.

Image: Sportsgirl.  

Reformation Mylie Two-Piece Black, $444.

Image: Reformation.  


H&M Cotton Dress Light Orange Yellow, $59.99.

Image:  H&M.  Love Style Co Jennifer Midi Dress, $79.95.

Image: Love Style Co.  

You can listen to the latest episode of Mamamia’s What Are You Wearing? here.

Feature Image: Kendall Jenner's Instagram + Mamamia.

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