'I've been invited to a friend's wedding. But I'm being expected to pay $2800.'

In most cases, the benefits of receiving an invitation to a destination wedding far outweigh the costs.

There is the excitement of travelling somewhere new. The perfect excuse to do so. And there’s the joy of celebrating with friends in a rare moment of isolation.

But for one woman who posted to the forum Mumsnet, the invitation she’s received to a destination wedding is, quite simply, asking too much.

“My partner and I are invited to a wedding abroad in June,” she wrote, Be reports (the Mumsnet thread has been taken down). “My other half is an usher – unexpectedly I might add – he is one of eight others!”

The problem being, the wedding venue is in the “middle of nowhere” so the pair will have to take leave from work and book accommodation to attend.

As well as this, the woman’s boyfriend is expected to contribute to the bachelor’s party, which involves another trip away.

“I thought the norm was for everyone (including the groom) to pay for themselves [to attend the bachelor’s party],” she said.

The cost of attendance will be around $2,800 the woman explained. And, even after the pre-wedding celebrations and the wedding itself, the damage still isn’t done.

“The cheapest items on their registry are in excess of $180,” the Mumsnet user wrote. “Am I being overly sensitive?”


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A similar story came out of the UK in June last year, when a woman was invited to a ‘wedding week‘ in the US.

“We have been ‘invited’ to a wedding WEEK in the USA, prices starting from £3k (AUD$5100),” she shared to the same forum Mumsnet.

She said the numerous events organised for the week – each with their own dress code – added to the expense, and estimated she would have to spend almost $10,000 to attend.

In Australia, we’re not so willing to pay exorbitant amounts to keep our name on the guest list.

A survey by ING Direct in 2016 found Australians pay, on average, $694 to attend a wedding (which is still crazy) however we’re likely cop out if the cost ventures too much higher than $1,000.

There’s a lesson here, brides and grooms: No matter how special your ‘big day’, it’s time to stop asking so much of wedding guests.

Sure, we’re here for you, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of everything else…