Colourful wedding dresses that are perfect for outside-the-box brides.

White weddings have been trending in the West since the Victoria era.

The popular white lace gown is synonymous with innocence, purity, and other outdated nonsense like committing to someone for the rest of your life without knowing if they snore or not.

Undoubtedly white is an elegant choice, but like waiting until your wedding night, an ivory dress is no longer mandatory for a trip down the aisle in 2017.

Check out blogger Sophie Cachia, aka The Young Mummy, who broke the mould two years ago by dressing head to toe in black.

“If you were to specifically ask me why I wore black on my wedding day, I can only answer in the most honest and direct way possible; because I wanted to,” she wrote in a post for Mamamia after her big day.

“Black is classic. It looks good on just about everyone. It’s bold, it’s sexy, it’s daring.

“We didn’t see the point in doing anything traditional because traditional simply isn’t us.”

Mamamaia Outloud: ‘til death do us part is OVER. Post continues after snippet…

According to Sydney marriage celebrant Carly Brown, one of the biggest regrets women have about their nuptials is feeling “unrecognisable” on their big day.

“There’s ‘looking nice’ and there is looking like a completely different human,” she explained to Mamamia.

“Of course, make an effort like you would for any other big occasion – but you’ll be way more comfortable if you stay true to yourself and you look like YOU.


“Your fiancé loves you for who he fell for, not for a streaky-orange, talon-nailed, painted-faced, giant-hair, taffeta explosion version of yourself.”

Finally, brides all over the world are waving goodbye to wedding day white and we are LOVING it.

Check out our gallery of colourful wedding dresses for beautifully outside-the-box brides:

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