This bride just wore the most stylish wedding dress we've ever seen. And it has a cape.

When you’re a stylist who decides to get married in a French chateau and have Vogue magazine cover your day, you’re probably sitting on quite the aesthetically-pleasing kind of wedding.

For Camille Styles blog executive producer Chanel Dror, aesthetically-pleasing doesn’t really do justice to the kind of wedding day she pulled off with her long-time love Eric Tarlo.

Marrying nearly two months ago, the couple have only just released many of their most breath-taking photos after Vogue published an article about their wedding.

The bride wore a strapless, off-shoulder Amir Taghi gown complete with its own cape that may rival all other gowns we’ve yet seen.

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Talking about her thought-process regarding the dress, Dror said she took her inspiration from the venue itself, the Château du Grand-Lucé in France’s Loire Valley.

“While I took an aesthetic cue from the venue, I also stayed true to my own style,” she told Vogue.

“I thought I wanted one dress, but when we zeroed in on the location, it became clear that it wasn’t the right fit. When I landed on this design by Amir Taghi, I first sent it to my sister to get her seal of approval, then with her consent, I knew it was the one.”

However, the striking gown wasn’t the first thing she decided on.

“I’m obsessed with shoes, so naturally, that was the first purchase I made — even before finding my dress,” she told the magazine.

The guests enjoyed a seated dinner at a long, 92-person table.

The couple had been dating for six and a half years before they were engaged, and by the looks of things, their wedding was well worth the wait.

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