"My friends lost their minds over my wedding dress choice."

One random Tuesday I drove past my local vinnies and saw in the window the cutest vintage-looking wedding dress that was silk with long sleeves. The mannequin was on an angle to reveal the amazing back that hung low with gorgeous pearls hanging from it. It looked like it was straight out of The Great Gatsby.

It was old hollywood glam and completely unique, not something you would come across in Cosmo Bride. Full disclosure: I am not engaged, and even though I am in a long term relationship, it’s not something I really think about.

I wasn’t one of those girls who grew up dreaming of their wedding day, in fact until this day I had never even thought of what kind of dress I would want.

"It looked like it was straight out of The Great Gatsby." Image via Warner Brothers.

There was something about this dress though that made me keep thinking about it. Could I go and buy it just in case?

I feel like that crosses the 'cray-cray' line a little too much for my liking, but it did make me think that if or when I get engaged, I am sure there are so many gorgeous gowns in op shops all over Australia just waiting to be worn.

I have always been an avid op shopper and so are some of my friends. It does, however, seem to divide people. My friend said she was scared to op shop because she didn’t know if someone had died in those clothes. I told her I think I’m pretty safe in my Country Road leopard print top, but she still isn’t convinced. Another one said she hates the smell of op shops.

Then there are my fellow op shopper friends like my friend Helen, who will spend hours with me scouring every nook and cranny and share my joy in a great find. Of course, the irony is she works in fashion!

So when I told my girlfriends about the dream dress I was shocked at their reaction.

Collectively they all agreed that you cannot, under any condition, wear a second hand wedding dress.

'Why?' I asked.

They all agreed it was a 'bad omen'.

"When I told my girlfriends about the dream dress I was shocked at their reaction." Image via iStock.

I pointed out it was only last week that one of them had opened a beach umbrella inside and shrugged it off saying she didn’t believe in that “stuff”.

They all went in strong and said that there is no way any of them would wear a second hand wedding dress, because according to them it was cursed because the bride obviously got divorced because she isn’t keeping the dress.

Later on I thought about this flawed logic. I’m sure there are brides out there who are still happily married and maybe just want to free up wardrobe space, or maybe it doesn’t fit them anymore, or maybe they just want someone else to enjoy it. I mean you spend so much money for just one wear.

I also thought about how ridiculous this is. Imagine someone going to a divorce lawyer and writing down that the reason for the divorce was that she wore a second hand dress.

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While we are pointing out flaws with this theory I know of a girl who married in the dress her mum wore when she married her dad. They got divorced. Is this a weird exception to the rule?

I also wondered - are people out there buying op shop wedding dresses? Or is there a secret storage room in every op shop where all the unwanted dresses are put because no-one will buy them?

It's a weird superstition that even one of the biggest fashion icons of our generation - Carrie Bradshaw - hasn't been able to turn around. After all, she chose to get married in a "vintage" wedding suit.

Am I the only one who thinks an op shop wedding dress is a great idea? Or is it really bad luck?

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