This bride ordered her dream wedding dress. She got a "dirty piece of viscose".

Another day, another incident of an online wedding dress purchase gone wrong. Horribly wrong.

Author and columnist Monisha Rajesh was bitterly disappointed this month when what she thought was her perfect wedding dress arrived in the mail.

Having bought her bridal gown from online store ‘SammyDress’ just days prior, Monisha believed she had hit the bridal jackpot. A unique dress with intricate navy lace detail and ivory chiffon – and all for the low, low price of £30 (roughly $60AUD).

What subsequently turned up on her doorstep was, erm, not exactly what the bride-to-be had envisaged when she clicked ‘Add To Cart’…

Image via Twitter @Monisha_Rajesh
Nope. Just nope. Not even a little bit close. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Speaking to The Mirror, Monisha explained the disappointment of realising she was just the latest victim of a popular online scam.

“It did seem strange but I have often bought end-of-season items from John Lewis, so thought nothing of it and paid for the dress through PayPal.

“Five days later, Yodel delivered a package stamped from China and alarm bells rang. The website had listed an address in California.

“I ripped it open and my heart sank. Inside was a cheap, dirty piece of viscose that looked like a child’s Halloween costume. The design was a poor copy and unwearable.”

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For the penny pinchers out there, rest easy tonight knowing that Monisha got a full refund for her shoddy frock.

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