Meet the big hearted bride and groom who who held their wedding at a refugee camp.

This wedding day was beautiful. But not in the “wall of flowers and designer dress” kind of way.

Most brides spend their wedding day posing for glamorous photos, sipping champagne and waltzing around a dance floor wearing the most expensive dress they own.

But not this big-hearted bride.

When Turkish couple Esra Polat and her husband Fethullah Üzümcüoğlu married on the Syrian border last Thursday,  they couldn’t help but think of the thousands of refugees sheltering nearby.

So they invited 4,000 Syrian refugees to join in the celebrations, and spent the day feeding the displaced men, women and children in a nearby refugee camp.

wedding at a refugee camp
Photo: Kimse Yok Mu/Twitter

Still dressed in their traditional wedding attire, the newlyweds stepped behind the counter of a local food truck provided by a local aid group to serve up meals to the waiting refugees.

The couple even donated their families’ wedding contributions to share their big day with those less fortunate than themselves, aid group Kimse Yok Mu spokesperson Hatice Avci told

Pretty spectacular, right?

wedding at a refugee camp
Photo: Kimse Yok Mu /Twitter

The groom’s father Ali Uzumcuoglu came up with the plan, and was thrilled when the happy couple accepted his suggestion.


He told “I thought that sharing a big delicious dinner with our family and friends was unnecessary, knowing that there are so many people in need living next door.”

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The bride was hesitant at first, but soon came around to the generous idea — making her, we suspect, the exact opposite of a Bridezilla.

“It was such a wonderful experience. I’m happy that we had the opportunity to share our wedding meal with the people who are in real need,” she told

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The groom also reflects fondly on the experience, calling the day the “best and happiest moment of my life.”

“Hopefully this will also give the start for other wedding dinner to be held here with our brothers in Syria,” he said, according to local news site

More than four million Syrian have fled the country since the conflict began and are living in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq and North Africa.

The crisis in Syria has been described as the worst since World War II, and it shows no sign of abating any time soon.

The devastating conflict between the Assad regime and opposition groups has left more than 211,000 dead since early 2011, according to the UN Refugee Agency.

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More than four million Syrian have fled the country since the conflict began. At least 1.2 million of those refugees are children, and at least 425,000 are younger than five.

wedding at refugee camp
At least 435,000 Syrian refugees are under the age of five. Image: World Vision.

Most are now living in refugee camps in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq and North Africa. In those crowded camps, they remain in desperate need of food, clothing, and basic household and hygiene items.

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