'My boyfriend and I were bored in isolation. So we invited a cam girl into our relationship.'

The page read, “Enjoy Hot Cam Model Shows! Live Webcam Models you will get the most amazing live sex models shows.”

We looked past the questionable use of the English language and ploughed on. I was sitting cross-legged on my bed, credit card in my hand and my boyfriend looking slightly uncomfortable to my right.

As the sweet, sweet tingle of chardonnay surged through my body we browsed the array of girls the site had to offer. It was overwhelming. So many gorgeous women. I was sold!

COVID-19 had us on house arrest… we’d played the board games, made the banana bread, had a few D&Ms with my house plants… I was bored, bored, bored.

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I needed a rush.

I had always liked girls… especially naked beautiful ones so whacking, I mean slapping, I mean entering… my credit card deets into a random site seemed like the most sensible idea for a Thursday evening.

My boyfriend wasn’t convinced.

As he started voicing his concerns with there being no PayPal services, I rolled my eyes at Danny Downer and dove headfirst into the categories section.

You can pick body type, age, region, kinks… wow wow wow!

The momentous decision transported me back to simpler times when I’d spend 45 minutes in angst, trying to pick my shellac colour at the nail salon. Dammit, COVID-19 what I’d do to pick a colour right now.

Upon making our cam girl selection I had a small tantrum about why he didn’t want to select my age group. The thought that I’d outgrown the desired age bracket irks me. Nevertheless, I buried my insecurity and pressed on. If I was honest with myself, my boy brain wanted to watch a younger girl too.

We settled on 20-25 petite. Oh, and Australian to support our homegrown talent. Australia let us all rejoice for we are young and free etc… etc…

Your money gets you tokens then your tokens let you do a variety of sexy tasks. $10 lets you enjoy a show with an array of other horny folk, where you can instant message the cam girl… tell her you love anal, get her to call you daddy… at least that’s what seemed to be the most popular chat circulating.

For an extra tenner, you can click a button to set her vibrator off and she goes, “Oh I love it.” The crowd applauds.


For a mighty $45 you can take her private for around 10 minutes… the cost goes up from there if you want to really invest.

A girl who called herself something along the lines of Lucy Boo Boo had messaged me on the site earlier that day. She said she had a new haircut and wanted to show me. I appreciated that she reached out and wanted to say thanks by letting her strip privately for us. So thoughtful of me, I know.

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Lucy typed, “Hello Ashley22” (my saucy fake name) thanks for taking me private.” Lucy had great manners. I appreciate that in a cam girl. Although it was my first time, I felt like an expert already.

She was 22, with blonde shoulder-length hair, a pixie nose and giant boobies. I explained that I was with my boyfriend. She giggled and asked if we wanted to turn on our camera. I told her that it was our first time and we were a bit shy. Lucy said she wanted us to be comfortable. Thanks Lucy.

I immediately started thinking about Lucy’s life. Does she have family? Does she have a partner? Is she watching Ozark right now? All the important things to think before asking someone if they wouldn’t mind removing their clothing.

She slipped off her black lacy bra and sort of swayed to music that didn’t appear to be playing. She then removed her matching G-String. Instead of asking her where she got such a gorgeous ensemble, I asked her to touch herself. She giggled and started rubbing her clit. My boyfriend started laughing in an excited nervous way. I’m not sure he knew this side of me existed. I wasn’t sure whether he was shocked or impressed. Or both.

I remained focused. Our $45 wouldn’t last long and I wanted her to get into a variety of positions so I could take mental photographs for later. I’m a task focused woman.

I told her to get on her knees and my boyfriend starts touching me from behind. As his fingers started gaining momentum our Lucy Boo Boo dollars ran out. He flipped me over and began kissing my neck. He pushed my hair back off my face and kissed my mouth.

My tummy did a flip and it occurred to me what the cam show was missing. Although it was fun as a one-off. Lucy Boo Boo wasn’t exactly an Oscar winning actress. She didn’t really look like she was turned on and can you blame her? I was probably her 50th pervert of the day.

She looked like she was replicating the moves and sounds porn stars make. Although I love porn I sort of wanted her to make it her own. Yes, of course, I was turned on having a naked beautiful girl in front of me but nothing in the world is a bigger turn on than real chemistry, you know?

The porn where the couples seem authentically into each other or the boyfriend that knows your left rib it tickles. I hope Lucy Boo Boo enjoys her job. I hope that she finds it empowering and I hope she is out there making real connections with people or at least having d&ms with her house plant.

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