'What should I wear today?' Your guide to the weather around the country.

You made it, it’s Friday.

No matter what the weather this week threw at you, we’ve arrived at the last day of the working week.

As a special treat, we’re offering up a dose of weekend weather for you as well, so you can start making those phone calls to friends to lock down all of your plans.


What says ‘Friday’ better than 30 degrees, no rain and sunshine all day? Nothing, that’s what.

Enjoy the sun while you can, because although Saturday will bring a top of 28 degrees, there will be a slight chance of a shower. Temperatures will drop to just 18 degrees on Sunday, with a 70 per cent chance of rain. Movies, anyone?

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • Wear the brightest colours you own today to celebrate a) sun and b) the oncoming weekend
  • If you’re  venturing out this weekend, pack a jacket just in case the rain traps you while outside


Your Friday is looking partly cloudy, Brisbane, but the temperature will reach 26 degrees. There may be a light shower during your commute to work, so umbrellas at the ready!

As for the weekend, you’re hitting top temps of 27 and 28 degrees, with partly cloudy skies and slight chances of a shower.

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • A pleated midi-skirt that’s perfect to take from the office to Friday night drinks
  • Has that umbrella left your side yet? Better keep it close by this weekend just in case


Friday in Canberra is sunny, with light winds and no chance of rain. The temperature will hit 23 degrees.

Saturday will be slightly warmer at 24 degrees, with some early fog looming in the morning. Sunday might be a designated ‘indoor day’, thanks to a top of just 20 degrees and high chances of showers, even thunderstorms, all day.

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • Fancy printed pants for your last day in the office this week (hooray!)
  • Jackets at the ready if you plan on venturing outside on Sunday. And don’t forget the umbrella!


Sorry for the weather déjà vu, Darwin, but today will be 34 degrees, mostly sunny, with a 30 per cent chance of a shower that could develop into a thunderstorm.

Saturday will be much of the same, with Sunday’s chance of a thunderstorm increasing to 50 per cent.

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • An umbrella for when the rain begins to fall
  • High-waisted shorts paired with a cute short-sleeved blouse


Hobart, you are in for one beautiful Friday! Temperatures will reach 26 degrees, with mostly sunny skies and a zero per cent chance of rain.

Unfortunately, your weekend will be full of rain: there’s a 50 per cent of showers on Saturday, and Sunday will be a chilly 17 degrees with showers all day. Netflix, anyone?

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • We’re thinking a floral printed dress is the way to celebrate this sunny day
  • With a weekend full of rain, we suggest having your fave trackies at the ready


Just in case you didn’t enjoy yesterday’s beautiful weather enough, there’s another day of perfect for you: temperatures of 27 degrees, mostly sunny skies and no rain. You do you, Melbourne.

The weekend is a bit of a different story, with showers and winds picking up on Saturday afternoon. Sunday brings a drop in temperatures to just 17 degrees, and a super high chance of rain that could possibly turn to hail to STAY INDOORS.

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • It’s a maxi dress kind of day today
  • If you’re planning on heading outdoors on Sunday, take a helmet. Or, just be safe and stay inside, please


Friday in Perth looks a bit like this: 23 degrees and partly cloudy. But, hey, there’s no rain, so that’s good news.

More good news? Your weekend is looking like utter perfection. By Sunday, temperatures will be 27 degrees and there is no chance of rain headed your way.

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • A jacket in case you feel the chill today during your lunch break
  • That one-piece swimsuit that makes you feel like a goddess? That’s your Sunday go-to


Sydney. Are you ready? Because today will be 23 degrees, mostly sunny and, most importantly, NO RAIN.

Things may get a little windy in the afternoon, though.

Saturday will be 24 degrees with partly cloudy skies, while Sunday will be a little warmer at 27 degrees. Showers will return on Sunday afternoon, with chances a thunderstorm could develop.

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • To celebrate the end to a week of rain, wear your most fancy necklace
  • A messy up do is the best way to approach keeping your hair looking good in the wind

Forecasts sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology.