'What should I wear today?' Your guide to the weather around the country.

Ah, Wednesday. The hardest day to dress for because you’re a) halfway through the week and getting tired, and b) halfway through the clean clothes in your closet.

Never fear: here’s the weather forecast for today to help make getting dressed 110 per cent easier.


Wednesday in Adelaide brings a top temperate of 31 degrees. There is a 60 per cent chance that a shower or two will come to dampen the day, with rain developing into a thunderstorm in the evening.

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • It’s hot and humid, so a loose-fitting, colourful dress will keep you cool
  • Pair with a comfy pair of flats just in case you need to run for cover if the rain starts to pour


You’re in for a partly cloudy Wednesday, with a top temperatures of 26 degrees.

There is a low (think 40 per cent) chance of showers developing throughout the day.

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • A fun flip skirt to beat the heat and remind you the weekend is inching closer by the hour 
  • Just because it’s Wednesday, pair your outfit with plenty of bright accessories


Temperatures will hit a top of 22 degrees, bringing with it partly cloudy skies.

There is, however, no chance of rain. Hooray! There may be some fog lingering about in the early morning, but some light wind should blow all that away before the working day begins.

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • A fitted blazer will keep you looking professional and keep you warm from the wind
  • Ballet flats so you can (comfortably) venture outside on your lunch break to enjoy the rain-free weather


For once, Darwin, you’re being treated to hot weather and no rain. It’s a Wednesday weather miracle, really.

Temperatures will reach a warm 33 degrees, and with sunny skies, the UV level is expected to reach into extreme territory, so make sure you stay protected.

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • Shorts and a T-shirt will keep you cool and ready for anything today
  • It’s all about sun protection today, so arm yourself with a hat, sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen


What a delightful Wednesday we have for you today, Hobart: you can expect top temperatures of 23 degrees, and sunny skies.

More good news: there is no chance of rain and only light winds lingering about. Enjoy!

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • A light-weight cardigan to keep warm when the breeze begins to blow
  • Today seems like a day for a fun pair of comfortable, high-waisted shorts


The perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee, Melbourne will wake up to a big of fog.

That will clear to a partly cloudy day, with top temperatures of 26 degrees. There is no rain about, and some light breezes blowing throughout the day.

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • Despite the cloud, 26 degrees means it’s time to bust out your favourite printed dress
  • Did someone say sparkly sandals? Yes, we did. Put them on and enjoy


Just like yesterday, temperatures will reach a lovely 25 degrees in Perth,  with no chance of rain coming along to ruin everything.

Oh, and it’s going to be nice and sunny so today seems like the perfect day for a picnic in the park.

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • A medium-length skirt will keep you cool (both literally and figuratively)
  • With sun in the sky, pair with a trendy pair of sneakers so you can take advantage of the weather and take a walk outside


Sydney, your top temperature today will hit 24 degrees (yes, just like yesterday).

There’s only a 20 per cent chance of a shower today, with some light winds hanging about, too.

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • Winds should help keep things feeling cooler than 24 degrees, so your favourite pair of jeans are perfect for your Wednesday
  • To keep your hair looking fab all day in the wind, it’s time for a high pony

Forecasts sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology.