'What should I wear today?' Your guide to the weather around the country.

Good news: Wednesday is here.

Bad news: Not everywhere in Australia is bright and sunny today.

More good news: We’re here to help – here’s your weather forecast and handy hints on outfits that you can’t go wrong with as you leave your house and venture into the world today.


Today will reach a top of 23 degrees for you today, Radelaide. It’s going to be a mostly sunny day, complete with no rain and only light winds.

Oh, there may be some early morning fog about, so if you’re heading out for a pre-work jog, wear your fluoro exercise gear to stay safe.

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • A pair of loose-fitting, comfy pants. It’s Wednesday, you can relax
  • A light jacket to help you stay warm when the sun goes down


Just like yesterday, a hot day is on the horizon for Brisbane, with top temps of 28 degrees.

It will be partly cloudy, with chances of a shower developing from late morning, so enjoy the sun (safely) while you can.

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • That maxi skirt with the far-out pattern that will have your co-workers complimenting you all day long
  • A pair of wedges to stand tall and strong in the face of potential oncoming rain


You know how Wednesday’s can be a little ho-hum? That’s kind of how the weather is today in Canberra.

A max temperature of 21 degrees, partly cloudy skies with some light winds. Neither here nor there, but the working week is halfway done, so there’s that.

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • Comfy boyfriend jeans to remind you that no wind or cloud can get you down
  • Funky flats so you can dance around the office as the weekend countdown begins (no, it’s never too early)


Are you ok, Darwin? Your Wednesday is clouded (literally) with continued showers and thunderstorms.

The temperature will reach 28 degrees, but with those damaging winds about, it’s not the time to enjoy it.


Fail-safe outfit options:

  • Raincoat x 1000
  • Going outside? Take an umbrella to shelter yourself from the storms


Still chilly down there, Hobart? That’s because your top temperature today will be just 17 degrees.

Your morning will be partly cloudy with a 10 per cent of rain, BUT skies will be clearing to bring you a mostly sunny arvo. Perfect for a cheeky after lunch coffee break, right?

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • Wear your most fancy, most colourful pair of pants to cheer yourself up
  • A form-fitting blazer will keep you looking professional in less-than-ideal weather


It’s heating up! Well, sort of. The top temperature will be 22 degrees, and your Wednesday looks like it will be mostly sunny.

There’ll be some patchy morning fog around too, so snap a selfie on your way to work and tag it #funinthefog.

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • Temperatures in the low 20s mean one thing: your favourite pair of jeans and a fun, frilly blouse


Wednesday in Perth looks a bit like this: slightly cooler than yesterday, with a top temperature of 25 degrees.

Skies will be partly cloud, with light winds arriving in the evening.

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • Wednesday is calling for block colours: that bright blue maxi dress is ready and waiting
  • A lightweight cardigan in case the wind cools you down too much


Just like yesterday, Sydney, the temperature will reach a top of 23 degrees today.

If you’re hanging along the coast, there’s a high chance a shower will catch you out, with a 50 per cent chance of rain throughout the day in other parts of the city.

Fail-safe outfit options:

  • High-waisted pants paired with a smart pair of bejewelled flats
  • Keep a cardigan near in case you get caught in the rain and cool down

Forecasts sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology.