The moment a weasel hitches a ride on a woodpecker's back.

A glorious thing has happened today.

A nature photographer caught the moment that a baby weasel hitched a ride on a woodpecker. The woodpecker was actually trying to kill and eat it, and the weasel wouldn’t give in (everyone lived happily ever after, AND got famous).

Here is the picture by Martin Le-May:

Behold the birth of Weaselpecker.

And so started one of the greatest meme moments the internet has ever seen. WEASELPECKER.

Here is the top five memes that the internet has come up with so far:

In fifth place, Putin is riding the Weaselpecker. Because of course.

  In fourth place, Miley has come in like a Weaselpecker.

Third place goes to the wonderful Left Shark from the superbowl. Left Shark probably doesn’t even know he’s riding a Weaselpecker.


  In second place, we have John Travolta creepily kissing the Weaselpecker (as he recently did Scarlett Johansson)

And purely based on the amount of effort taken for the graphic, the WINNER IS:

Weaselpecker in a cape.

Bless you, Weaselpecker. Fly safe, oh magical one.

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