'I was wearing the wrong bra for years. Never again.'

Thanks to our brand partner, Berlei

There are a few moments in life that truly take your breath away. Seeing the baby of someone you love for the first time, the moment two newlyweds see each other as one walks down the aisle, the most beautiful sunset as you sit on holiday with a cocktail in hand… and that moment you first put on a bra that actually fits.

All right, so it might not be quite on the same level, but the transformative powers are just as incredible.

I’ve had that moment a few times in my life (the bra, not the bride thing, FYI). In my teens I sat a comfortable B then seemingly overnight, I was a C. Then a D. Then a DD.

The problem? My boobs didn’t tell me they’d grown, so I was wearing my trusty C bra when I was approaching a DD. The signs were all there – the spillage over the top, the angry red marks from the straps digging in, the erm, steadily drooping support.

Smiling, unaware of the bra signs going on underneath. Image: Brittany Stewart

When it became too much to ignore, I went and got fitted. The results were instant. My posture was straighter, my clothes looked better. I vowed, never again.

But a few years later, and here I was again. And again. The most recent time it was denial. I could no longer plead ignorance to the giveaway signs but the thought of having to replace my entire underwear drawer again kept me away, even when I had only one getaway-able bra - a black lacy one, which was nice but not exactly practical for the smoothest lines under a plain white t-shirt or running for the bus, you know?

So last week I found myself getting fitted by the experts at Berlei. The size was right but my tired bras had stretched to the point of no return. They were ready to be retired, long ago. It became blindingly obvious as soon as I had put on the Womankind bra I was recommended, the latest and kindest bra yet from Berlei.


There were no lumps and bumps visible through my t-shirt. I no longer had four boobs thanks to a too-small cup. There was lift. And most importantly it was so breathable, light and comfortable, it didn't really feel like I was wearing a proper bra at all.

Image: Berlei

Available in both everyday and sports, the style ($69.95 from, David Jones, MYER and Rebel Sport) is practical but far from frumpy, providing support without the giveaway bulk.

The magic is in the innovated technology that moulds and flatters to your natural shape, simply enhancing rather than changing. And did I mention it was actually comfy?

It's the kind of bra I'd wear every day but also feel good wearing on more special occasions, thanks to its elegant and versatile colour palette of blush rose, parisian grey, skin and black. It's also available in sizes up to 18DD in the everyday bra and 16DD for the sports style.

It's not quite a breathtaking sunset, but as far as underwear goes? It's pretty life-changing all the same.

How did you find your best bra? Tell us below.

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This content was created with thanks to our brand partner Berlei.