"Our sex ended in explosive orgasms all round." Mamamia reviews 'The We-Vibe' couples sex toy.

On the hunt for a new sex toy? Unsure what to go for and whether or not you need a newly fandangled suction element? Well, BREATHE. Because the Mamamia sex toy reviews are here to help. We get real women to get real intimate with real sex toys and then tell us about them.

This week Jess*, who is a 19-year-old living in Australia, reviews 'The WeVibe' - a silent, remote-controlled Couple's Vibrator by Lovehoney

What does the sex toy claim to do?

The We-Vibe is a remote-controlled couple's vibrator that claims to sit comfortably between you and your partner while you have sex - no hands required!

It's rechargeable - lasting up to two hours on one charge, and waterproof.

It claims to be "effortlessly discreet" A.K.A. roommate approved (and yes, it really delivers on that front).

What was your first impression of the sex toy? (Just by looking at it)

I've been eyeing off a We-Vibe for a good while now, and it is just as sexy and sleek as it looked on Lovehoney

It's a little smaller than I expected, which also makes it less threatening. I appreciate that. I also love the matte black look and as is with many high-quality sex toys, the texture is super smooth and silky.

Image: Lovehoney.

How much is the sex toy? And do you think it’s worth it?

The We-Vibe retails on Lovehoney at $189.95, but you can currently get it on sale for $151.96. Hello savings!!!

Now, while $189.95 is a fairly high price point, toys made specifically for coupled sex are few and far between, so I would invest in one of such high quality. Plus, it has plenty of speed and vibration settings.

What was it like using the sex toy? And how did it really feel?

I'd like to preface this with a key detail - sex is different when you are considering how you're going to write about it later in a review.

But... I really enjoyed it! 

My partner needed a few more goes to be convinced, but you wanna hear all the dirty details, don't you?


Well, we started out with our usual foreplay when I decided to lay down on my back - propped up by my elbows to give my boyfriend head, who was kneeling in front of me. Get the picture?

This was the perfect position to reach over, grab the We-Vibe, and hand it to my partner.

Something I love about the We-Vibe is that it is SO user-friendly. It requires very minimal fiddling or working out to get going.

So, my partner easily slid the smaller arm into me and I clicked the on-switch which sits on the outside of the vulva

From here, I continued to give my partner oral sex as he used the remote to control the vibrator. This was lots of fun for both parties (having him in control of the speed and vibrator setting was super sexy!) and was a spicy alternative to our usual foreplay routine. 

Finally: the main event.

There were some... issues. 

Fitting a penis AND the toy was no problem for me as the smaller arm of the toy that sits inside the vagina is very thin, but my boyfriend felt a little uncomfortable rubbing up against the harder, silicone arm. 

See what I mean?

It's possible that this could've been down to the lack of extra lubrication used, but we decided to continue without it internally, and I continued using it as an external clitoral vibrator for the remainder of our sesh.

And, although in a roundabout way, it did the trick!

Our sex ended in explosive orgasms all round. Even with the toy being used not as intended.

Describe the sex toy in three words:

Small, sleek and sexy.

What score would you give the sex toy out of 10?

A 9/10 from me and a 5/10 from my partner.


Image: Lovehoney.

This sex toy is best for people who want…

To spice up their sex lives!

I'm a big advocate for introducing sex toys into partnered sex. 

I've been lucky enough to have all my previous partners (and hookups!) be very accepting of including a toy in our fun, and I can assure you, everyone involved reaps the benefits. 

This is the first purpose-built partnered sex toy I've used and while I didn't get the full-blown experience for too long, I can definitely see the appeal. 

A remote controlled, hands-free vibrator alone was revolutionary for me. And we got the intended result in the end, so that's all that matters!

Any final words?

Give it a try

Worst-case scenario, you'll have a fun toy for solo play, and best-case scenario, your sex life will be forever changed. 

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Video via Mamamia. 

Image: Mamamia.