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Welcome to a sponsored post from Sussan. Lana writes:

I had always anticipated that I would be spoilt on mother’s day.  After all I have a very wonderful and caring child and a doting and loving husband.  The only problem is that it’s taken me years to make them behave like I want them to.

I remember my first mother’s day  vividly.  I rocked (like a mad woman) on the chair in my baby son’s bedroom.  I don’t think I was  trying to soothe him, I think I was trying to keep myself sane.  Backwards and forward, again and again – it didn’t stop me crying.

It had been a tough ride, my baby had been very sick at birth and he was sick again only 3 months later.  Somehow I was coping with that. What I was not coping with was the fact that my husband had just given me my first ever mother’s day present and it was er, not quite what I had anticipated.

Maybe I was thinking too big or maybe he was not thinking at all (did I mention that we hadn’t slept for three months?) .  He presented me, on my first ever mother’s day, with a cook book.  THAT WAS EMPTY.  Not only did I feel like it was now my duty as a mother to cook for him for ever (cue melodrama) but I had to source the recipes myself and write them in.

I wanted to be a little bit spoiled, I wanted to be pampered like I had done with my own mother.  I remember making her a necklace one year for mother’s day.  It was beautiful, very original and took hours to handcraft.  I had strung melon pips together to make my very own version of a  high class shark tooth necklace only with about 200 teeth.  Very swish. Especially because I didn’t bother to wash the pips before I threaded them and expected my mum to wear them. (Okay maybe I did not want that gift.)


These days my son  is a charmer – I love the pictures that he has painted and the frames made out of paddle pop sticks, I love the clay “structures” he has foisted into my hands and I love the hand prints, the kisses planted onto paper, even the bean shoots that he grew for me out of an egg shell painted to resemble my face.

My husband still chips in and buys me a gift to show his appreciation of my mothering “skills”.  I have tried to guide him over the years – subtly dropping hints about how much I like diamonds and spa treatments, clothes and well, sleep.  I would love him to buy me a whole months full of sleep!

I have feigned joy at the mouse pad with a picture of my son staring at me as I roll my mouse over his face, I have tried to look overwhelmed at the perfume that was apparently bought in the dark with a nose plug on, I have  even held on to the mum of the year mug and tried to drink from it with pride. But this year I am sending him a catalogue because if he can’t buy me sleep he may as well buy me pyjamas.

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