'We Are All' is the kids' clothing line our Parenting Editor is crushing on. Hard.

We Are All is a new Australian kid’s clothing and lifestyle brand, and it’s gorgeous.

The brainchild of two Melbourne fashion industry insiders, Rebecca Amos and Chantel Phillips-Hill, We Are All brings a chic Parisian influence to affordable and classic kids’ clothing, ages two to 12.

I like to dress my kids in clothing that doesn’t seek to age them before their time, and I like what We Are All are doing; wearable, study pieces that celebrate kids without making them into a caricature.

Here are my top picks.

The Alexis Dress

What could be cuter than a sweet floral dress on your little girl? Nothing. That's the answer. Nothing. And this is one of the nicest dresses going around.

The Guilia T-Shirt

I love this top. It's sweet without being hurt-your-teeth. I predict dragon-fly motifs will be everywhere by the time summer is done.

The Loretta Pants

Say goodbye to morning battles to get dressed with these pants. You love them, and so will your daughter.

The Sunday Sandals

Do these come in adult size? Perhaps not. But they do come in silver and you will be forgiven for buying both pairs.

The Bob Pants

Perfect for boys for dressy occasions, but without the I-thought-I'd-dress-him-up-as-a-mini-penguin-in-a-tuxedo look, which is... well... not to my liking. These pants, with a nice collared shirt though. Perfection.

The Kingey Jumper

This is such a super cool print.

The Mario Shorts

These shorts are sure to get a lot of wear over summer. They'll go from beach to barbeque.

The Oscar Sneakers

A nice well turned shoe for an active little boy (and girl, frankly). Will pair fantastically well with either the Mario Shorts or the Bob Pant. These sneakers also come in white.

Rebecca and Chantel are currently busy planning an infants line, soon to be followed by homewares, and men's and women's clothing lines, as well as getting ready to open a bricks and mortar store in Melbourne (which I will likely be frequenting with frightening regularity.)

Frankly, I can't wait.

For the full We Are All line and to add a few line items on your credit card statement, you can visit their website. Or you can follow We Are All on Facebook and Instagram.