Cracker sandwich or flavour licker? These are the seven sacred ways to eat Arnott's Shapes.

Arnott's Shapes
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When it comes to the fine art of snacking, those of us who are experts (ahem: me) know that there’s more to our favourite snack than simply the taste.

Snacking is a ritual, you see. And like any ritual, every person does it in a slightly different way.

Take Arnott’s Shapes, for example. Sure, you could eat them straight out of the box. Or pour them into a bowl like some sort of highly civilised person.

But people are far more creative than that. And they have been for decades and decades.

As a kid, I remember my Gran sharing Shapes in her very own way. Because there were four of us grandkids, she’d try to give us the exact same amount, which was roughly a handful. We’d fight obviously about who got more, to the point where she’d sometimes have to count to make it fair.

So, as a serious researcher and someone who is clearly invested, I’ve taken it upon myself to identify the seven unique and sacred ways people eat Shapes.


1. The sandwich-er.

The sandwich-er needs no introduction.

You know who they are.

They sandwich one Shape between two Shapes in order to make the best type of sandwich: A Shape Sandwich.

Yes please.

It’s genius because the filling is Shape flavoured, but so is everything else.

If you want to be really creative, you can choose a different filling flavour to your buns - i.e. a Barbecue Shape in between Pizza Shapes. See picture above.

2. The flavour licker.

For the flavour licker, eating a single Shape is a two-step process. First, they lick the flavouring, then they eat the cracker.

It's an approach that will never get boring, given all the different flavours but also all the different volumes of flavours.



Mmmm... flavour.

It's asking to be licked.

Don't pretend literally all of us don't do this at some point with our Shapes.

3. The mixer. 

I believe the saying goes "Life is like a box of Shapes - you never know what you're going to get".

The mixer lives on the edge, and likes a bit of variety in their life. They're willing to mix multiple flavours of Shapes together in a bowl and take a lucky dip. Will you get Barbecue? Pizza? Chicken Crimpy? Cheese and Bacon? Savoury?

WHO KNOWS. You may even get a Cheddar Chicken Crimpy combo (which is just as delicious as it sounds).

I'll take them all.

Was this my snacking strategy during the Royal Wedding? Maybe.

4. The nibbler.

Everyone knows that tiny bites make snacks last longer - and the nibbler embraces this. Each Shape can be broken up into at least five bites, meaning a whole packet can last hours.

I will eat you at my own pace.

Nibblers don't miss any of the flavour, savouring every last part of the Shape.

It's quite mindful, really. Consider this the ultimate have-your-friends-over-for-a-nibble ritual.

5. The cheese platter-er.

For the classy Shapes lover, the most sacred way to eat them is via a very creative cheese platter.

Grab a few flavours of Shapes, add some cured meat, tzakiki, fruit, brie, cheddar and gouda, and enjoy all the different combinations you could possibly imagine.


The humble Chicken Crimp-brie.

The best part is that a few flavours get you double cheese, like Cheddar, Nacho Cheese, and Cheese and Bacon.

6. The two-timer. 

For the two-timer, one Shape at a time just isn't enough.

They must have two.

These are mine.

Sometimes, these two Shapes might even be different flavours, creating an actual party in your mouth.

7. The architect.

Finally, there's the person who more than anything needs to get creative with their snacks.


Arrange them in a certain way.

Fit them together.

Create something bigger.

This person, of course, is the architect. Or the artist. Or the Jenga stacker.

The Leaning Tower of Shapes. Image: Supplied.
Would you dare destroy your architectural creation? The answer is yes. Always yes. Image: Supplied.

They make something out of their Shapes, and then eat them in a strategic way so as to avoid destroying the art (oh good luck with that!).

So, now the question remains: which one are you?

This content was created with our brand partner Arnott's Shapes.

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