"It’s expensive and unnecessary." 5 things not to waste your money on if you're getting married.

If you're getting married, chances are there's something you really, desperately want for your wedding day. 

Whether that be your dream designer dress or the perfect outdoor venue, these are the things that end up costing the most. And if they're important to you, they're fully justifiable.

But to keep your stress levels low and your bank account happy, you need to consider which other details are worth the money and the ones you can leave behind.

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We asked married (and divorced) women to share the details that, for them, proved unnecessary and just added extra cost.

If you're getting married, here are five things not to waste your money on - according to women who've been there.

1. Transport.

"Don't bother with transport for the bridal party. I’m not into cars so I wasn’t bothered about that. Also, the guests didn’t see us arrive and we didn’t leave until the end of the night anyway." - Hannah.

"A wedding getaway car - they're like $350. I ordered an Uber Deluxe, cost me like $35." - Nicolle.

"Cars. Just borrow nice cars from rich friends." - Laura.

"Cars are definitely overpriced! We drove ourselves to our wedding reception." - Madeline.


"We just ordered regular hire cars to arrive - they were nice cars but only cost $200 for two cars as opposed to whatever wedding cars cost. And when we left, I think someone ordered us an Uber." - Andi.

2. Physical invites for everything.

"I loved the idea of having every element of the invitation process physical for memories’ sake but to be honest, it’s expensive and unnecessary. I’d just do the main invite printed, then do paperless post save the dates and extra details." - Isobel.

"I spent so much money getting letterpress printed ones. I also forgot that not everyone needs an invitation (couples/families only need one) so I ended up paying for way too many extras. My sister designed hers on Vistaprint and they were lovely." - Hannah.

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3. A cake.

"This might be controversial but a cake. The caterer/venue will usually include a dessert option already so it will probably go to waste. There's also the fact that by the time the cake comes out, everyone is a bit over the ceremonial side of things and wants to dance and relax. We had one at our engagement party and cutting it felt a bit awkward - don't think many people even realised so we just had dessert at our wedding." - Andi.

4. Photobooths.

"Don't bother with photobooths. You just end up with strips and strips of photos that you throw out anyway." - Nicolle.

5. Wedding favours.

"Skip on wedding favours. I don’t want soap, a candle, your hand dried herbs, your MLM oil." - Hannah.

"Agree with skipping on favours. We actually donated to two charities that meant something to our family." - Laura.

What wedding detail would you suggest not wasting money on? Let us know in the comments!

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