The ways your partner says 'I love you.' Without ever saying 'I love you.'

Sometimes, us women can be guilty of doing way more complaining that complimenting of our other halves. Today, we’re putting it right.

Women are great with words. In fact, most of us say 20,000 words per day. Men top out at about 7,000 words per day.

And that is fine. It is the differences that makes us interested in each other.

But women often want their partners to say “I love you.” And sometimes (or maybe often) complain that their partners don’t tell them enough how much they love them.

What women need to know (and what I have very slowly learnt) is that men (some men) are better at doing than saying.

I’m pretty lucky. My husband is pretty good at telling me he loves me. But he also shows me he loves me.


When he lets me shower first in the morning…because I take longer…and am always rushing…even when he is rushing too.

When he calls me when he is on his way home from work, just to say “Hi”.

When he tells me that he is recording When Love Comes To Town because he knows I forgot it was starting and thought I might want to watch it (I did).

And with that, I asked my colleagues and  iVillage readers to share what their partner does to show that they love them.

CLICK THROUGH the gallery and then please add your own, below:

How does your partner show you that they love you?

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