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Explosive messages reveal Wayne Carey was "cheating" on his ex while pregnant.

The Herald Sun is reporting that thousands of messages have been found, confirming that ex-AFL player, Wayne Carey, was cheating on his fiancee for their entire relationship.

It is believed that the suspicious photographs and messages women were handed to Carey’s former fiancee, Stephanie Edwards, as proof of his behaviour.

The Daily Mail report that Edwards is ‘livid’ at the messages emerging, particularly showing that he was cheating while she was pregnant.

wayne carey affair

Carey and Edwards. Image via Youtube.

After being together for five years, Edwards ended her relationship with Carey earlier this year. She moved out of their home with their 20-month-old daughter, Charlotte.

According to The Herald Sun, Carey is continuing to flip the blame but attempting to discredit the publication for asking questions about his relationship.

His manager, Chris Giannopolous, commented on the issue saying, "...they [Carey and Edwards] are trying to work through their issues".

Carey has faced severe backlash for the past few weeks, after appearing as a commentator on White Ribbon Night.

As Mamamia previously reported, his presence on White Ribbon Night was completely ignoring his violent history with women.

"In 1997, Carey pleaded guilty to indecent assault after grabbing a woman’s breast on a Melbourne street, allegedly asking her “Why don’t you get a bigger pair of tits?”

"In 2007, Carey’s girlfriend Kate Neilson told police he had smashed a wine glass in her face, cutting her mouth and neck in Miami.

"When police made it to the scene, Carey lashed out and kicked a female police officer in the mouth.

"He was convicted for assaulting the officer, while Neilsen decided not to press charges against him."

Featured image via Twitter.

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