The wax strips perfect for sensitive skin that three Mamamia staffers are obsessed with.

Nair Sensitive
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Having olive skin and dark brown hair has meant I’ve had to look into hair removal options much earlier than most. I began shaving my legs as a teen and when I moved into my early 20s began to notice some fuzz on my face, namely my lip and chin.

I started waxing as a longer lasting hair removal option but found it difficult to find the perfect wax strip as many I tried would easily irritate my skin leaving me red and blotchy. On some occasions they could also cause breakouts of sore red pimples the following day.

When I was introduced to the Nair wax strips range I was very keen and excited to try them as they’re specifically designed for sensitive skin. I used the large wax strips on my legs and the mini wax strips on areas of my face.

I quickly found that one of my favourite things about Nair strips is that you don’t need to rub them before application. You simply pull them apart and they are ready to use which means you don’t disrupt the layer of wax, making contact even better.

"When I moved into my early 20s began to notice some fuzz on my face, namely my lip and chin." Image: Walt Disney Pictures

The strips were very effective as they did not leave any stray hairs behind. I never had to go over a section twice which meant I used less strips in the process and avoided irritating my skin with repeated usage.

The size of the strips makes them very easy to use and the wax itself smells great. After use my skin feels smooth and soft and I can get rid of any wax residue left behind with the after-care wipes. I leave the product from the aftercare wipes on the skin to further soothe the area.


I’ve also found the product has controlled my hair regrowth allowing me go a few weeks between waxes.

They’re perfect for fast and effective home use and I’ll definitely continue to use them in the long run.


Hair removal is something I've always struggled with. I have relatively fine hair, but extremely sensitive skin. I have tried everything from hair removal creams, to wax strips to shaving. The main issue I encounter is irritated skin and ingrown hairs.

"Hair removal is something I've always struggled with." Image: Warner Bros Television.

I was sceptical about trialing the Nair sensitive skin range, only because I have had a terrible experience with wax strips in the past. They were messy, hard to use, and left my skin sore and inflamed.

I cannot emphasise enough how easy these were to use. The ones I've used in the past seemed to be designed for someone who was an amateur beautician. The Nair strips appeared very thin, and just needed to be pulled apart. There was no warming them up with your hands, or any awkward wax pots. I wondered how much hair they'd actually be able to remove. I was blown away.


Not only were they incredibly effective, but they were also gentle on my skin. The redness abated within minutes. There was no need to go over the same spot more than once, and I found these wipes in the packet that relieved any stinging.

They also didn't have that awful smell associated with most hair removal creams and strips. Afterwards, it felt like I'd just applied some sort of cooling moisturiser.

The next day there were no itchiness or inflamed follicles. For me, this was unheard of. Sometimes after hair removal I feel self-conscious in a bikini, because my bikini line is red and visibly irritated. After using Nair strips, this was not the case.

I will absolutely continue using this product, and wouldn't hesitate recommending it to a friend.


Confession: I have a nickname. No, it’s not the cute kind. There’ll be no ‘bae’ thrown about near me. Remember this book?

My spirit animal. Image:

Yeah, that’s me. Hairy Maclary. Pleased to meet you.

Given this association, it should come as no surprise that I was keen to try Nair’s new sensitive wax strips - a girl can only take so many not-so-subtle digs from friends about the state of her legs you know?


Straight off the bat let me tell you I was hesitant. These legs goose-pimple more than the average goose, and if past experience is to be believed, I’d soon find myself downing a glass of liquid courage after the first strip is pulled back.

Thankfully, none of that happened this time around.

I wasn’t worried, I didn’t need liquid courage to finish the job, my skin didn’t flare up and my flatmate didn’t knock on the door to ask if I was enjoying my bathroom beer.

Instead, the process was quick – my follicles didn’t even know what hit them – and there wasn’t even a hint of stubble the next day, or the next, or the next.

"A girl can only take so many not-so-subtle digs from friends about the state of her legs." Image: Universal Pictures.

As these wax strips are made for sensitive skin, and infused with what is honestly, a confidence-building scent, I felt set up for success from the word go.

I can only thank the rice bran oil and cherry blossom extracts for this miracle! I am loving the feel of my smooth spring ready legs.

It’s now been a full week and there’s not a red bump or follicle in sight. Win.

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