Anthony and Elle Watmough: "Our baby girl has beaten the odds and is healthy."

After years of heartache and a particularly difficult five-week wait, the couple have some wonderful news.

NRL star Anthony Watmough, 32, and his model wife Elle have been trying for years to to have a baby.

Ms Watmough was diagnosed with endometriosis at 16, but finally fell pregnant this year after three years of IVF treatment.

The couple were delighted to receive 10 perfect ultrasounds, along with the news that the pregnancy had less than a two percent chance of miscarrying. After such a long period of heartache and doubt, it finally seemed their dream of becoming a family was coming true.

Parramatta Eels star Anthony Watmough and wife Elle on holiday in Fiji. (Photo: Instagram)

But last month, they delivered some tragic news about the fate of their unborn child: A fertility specialist determined that their baby may have Trisomy 18, a rare and usually fatal condition.

“There is no cure for this abnormality,” a devastated Ms Watmough wrote on her blog. “Unlike Down syndrome where a baby can lead a somewhat happy life, babies with Trisomy 18 will die.”

She added: “If the baby had full Trisomy 18, our only option would be to medically terminate the baby.

“This puts us at a heartbreaking ultimatum if our bub does indeed show in the next lot of test results positive for T18…

“We are hoping for a miracle and that we can introduce you to a beautiful little girl next March.”

Watmough baby
Elle Watmough wrote of the “heartbreaking ultimatum” on her blog. (Image: Elle and Anthony/Blogspot)

Now, finally, the famous couple have shared the wonderful news that their baby does not have the fatal condition after all.

Both Watmoughs posted the update on Instagram along with an ultrasound image, writing that their unborn daughter has a less critical condition instead.

The pair shared an ultrasound photo on Instagram along with the happy news. (Photo: Instagram)

“We are over the moon to let you all know that after five weeks of testing we just received the news that our baby girl has beaten the odds and is healthy and does not have Trisomy 18,” the happy couple wrote.

“We have a rare condition called “Confined Placental Mosaicism” where the T18 cells are confined to the placenta but are not present in the baby.”

They clarified that Ms Watmough, 26, will need regular ultrasounds to track the growth of their unborn daughter — but that they’re simply “thrilled to be out of the woods.”

Elle Watmough has posted a series of growing baby bump photos online. (Photo: Instagram)

“The last five weeks have been overwhelming, scary and frustrating but we could not have done it without everyone’s love and support,” they wrote.

“We can’t wait for you to meet our bub in March 2016.”

The pair on holiday in Fiji earlier this year. (Photo: Instagram)

We couldn’t be happier for this growing family, and wish them the best of luck with the pregnancy.