WATCH: When mums talk to each other like they speak to their kids.

“Gentle. Gentle Laurel. Gent.. Remember gentle? We talked about gentle?”

Broadly communication falls into two categories: speaking to an adult and speaking to a child.

Get the two confused, and you could end up with a fairly self-entitled child and most likely a few less friends.

Sketch comedians and mothers, The BreakWomb, show the reality of the latter situation, with each of them talking to each other as if they were children. They remind one another to wait their turn before speaking while dishing out unconditional compliments for … not much at all.

The resulting video is as ridiculous/hilarious as it sounds, and a good reminder to speak to your friends as friends.

Video via The BreakWomb

And maybe carry a packet of wet ones around at all times, just in case.

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