Watch the most kickass woman on the planet in action.

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The new Mike Tyson is 5’6 and female.

Remember this name: Ronda Rousey. Because on Sunday, Mar 1, 2015, the 28-year-old Californian became the Ultimate Fighter in mixed martial arts. She set a UFC record for the fastest win and fastest submission when her opponent, Cat Zingano, tapped out after just 14 seconds.

Such is her utter dominance at the sport that she’s basically run out of credible female opponents to fight and all the talk now is of whether or not she should be moved to the men’s division.

Watch Ronda’s powerful victory.

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Five things you need to know about Ronda

1. Her nickname is The Arm Breaker.

2. Her judo and jiu-jitsu champion mother trained her as a kid, and used to wake her every morning by jumping on her and putting her in an armbar.

3. UFC president Dana White once said he would never allow women to cagefight. After yesterday’s fight he’s gushingly compared her to Mike Tyson in his prime.

4. She appeared on reality show The Ultimate Fighter, in which she was frequently in spats both in and out of the ring with her nemesis Miesha Tate. By ‘spats’ we mean she totally broke Miesha’s arm.

5. Gossip and rumours swirl around her – such as the time she allegedly said she as pregnant (untrue) by the UFC president (no way) and would continue to fight (be serious). We’ll put that down to the additional jealousy and attention her model good looks stir up.

Should Rhonda be moved in to the men’s division? Who is the most kickass woman you know?