Wash off tanners that all commitment phobes will love.

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Wash off tanning products are the perfect solution for those who don’t want to commit to a week long faux glow, or those of us who leave things to the last minute when it comes to our preening (guilty).

I’ve been a fan of wash off tanners since I first laid eyes on them all those years ago. I’ve spent many years trialling all kinds of formulations to find the most natural, no-hint-of-orange, water-resistant formulas out there.

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I have very pale skin naturally; like the kind of skin that makes people question your health. Sometimes I like a little colour, just to make me look alive, and other times I like to pretend like I’m an island queen. Either way, while I’m not afraid to go all out with my tan, I am adverse to the oomph loompa look that so many self tanners can give. That, and I don’t want my tan to be left behind on my clothing, car seat or friend’s furniture.

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What’s your favourite last minute tanner?

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